Germination led white widow

Hi, just would like info on germinating. I’m using viparspectre 600 W par 600 leds, White widow seeds, & rockwool . Where do I start… Light distance/ times?. What to soak the medium in? What do I need to look out for growth wise. Grow tent

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Welcome to the forum. I used to run a Viparspectra PAR600 Light. I used it from May 2018 to October 2019.

So here we go. I always had my light as close to the top of the tent I could. I use a TopoGrow 4x4x80” so the light was way up. I produced from nice plants.

My first plant was a WW. You can run it 18/6 aka 18 hours on and 6 hours off. I’m the opposite as I only run a 12/12 schedule from start to finish.

I use FFOF aka Fox Farms Ocean Forest in 5 gallon buckets and also their 6 nutrients.


No worries ! Thanks heaps. So germinating, lights up the top too? Any advice on the rockwool & what to soak it in? I’m so eager to learn, if I get too much for you just let me know. Thanks again.

You can probably put the light no more than 24 inches above the plant. Adjust the light by what the leaves tell you. If you are to close she will burn. This is why I have my light up top.

I also ran all 3 switches from start to finish. I was going to change the switches for Veg and flower but I bought 2 HLG 260xl Rspec so I never got to try the different switch settings. Glad I went to HLG.

As for Rockwool…no clue what that is.

Thanks again man. It was a great help.rockwool is another medium. Do you suggest any journels on ww or book’s? No rush

@James5 I have never read a single book about growing marijuana. So no clue there. I almost did but decided a forum would be a better source.

WW is a very easy and forgiving plant to grow.

I’m a FFOF fan so no clue about other mediums. I’m on a fixed income from the Veterans Administration as a Disabled Veteran. I have to keep costs down as much as possible and soil is my best bet.

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You should read all the great documentation provided by our benefactor, which can be found here:

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to download the Marijuana Grow Bible. Do that and read it as well.


Here is a thread with a ton of free books


@James5 I am growing WWA or trying to at least. they are in flower and still haven’t killed them. my first grow too. you will love it here everyone will help you any questions they answer


Thanks heaps for all your help man… Really appreciated it.

Excellent! Thankyou

Wow, cool thanks again man

Milkos it’s a pack of organic germination powder, you can mix it with warm water and soak the cubes for a day. it also works well for cloning