Germination issues, seedlings dying, extremely difficult find soil , or afford soil and shipping

In the middle of nowhere, what do y’all suggest on how to make my own soil… potting soil. Something that Indica and hybrids will thrive in. Temps? How much water per day with seeds in peat pods. Only looking to grow a few mother plants and clone her 2 or 3x a year , flowering outdoor. Veg and maintain mothers and clones indoors. Don’t have access to many things in a remote area and a 1 lb package costs 85 dollars using FedEx . Can’t use regular mail, will never arrive or takes 90 days to get a envelope. What items if you needed to be away from civilization would you take to ensure that you can smoke until next time you get to a city…lastly on a tight budget and i thank you in advance for your time and input

Are you buying your seeds from ilgm? If so and they don’t germinate they will replace your seeds for free…

You need to get a good soil. Find a nursery close by that has potting soil or a good blend.
How are you germinating your seeds?
Also you dont have very much light at all. 1 CFL, a 20w LED and 2 8w led bulbs, you have around 50w? How big is the area you’re growing in. 50w may be good for a couple seedlings, but once they grow a bit bigger you will definitely need something better.

This is how I germinate my seeds, I get two saucers put paper towel on bottom one then I dampen towel then put seeds on fold paper towel over then put top saucer on upside down then in a dark warm spot till it grows tails , then I put it in a pot of potting mix, Some people even put it in a glass of water for 24 hours before the paper towel trick … hope this helps

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Also for the sake of people trying to help you. Please use paragraphs. That was pretty hard to read.
Just want to make it easier for everyone to get the best information to you. Easy to get lost in that.


I GERMINATE my seeds 24 hours in reverse osmosis water in a plastic cup, then tap them they sink then I wait between 2-8 hours and put them in toweling paper and in a Ziploc bag and put them in a box close box and put box in black plastic bag and tie it and put in my closet and most have nice tap roots but how long should tap root be before putting into the jiffy disks or peat pods thedry brown circle you put water on and it grows up like 5x it’s height and put seed in just the length of a pencil eraser and metal part then cover with dirt from sides and stick them into the black tray with clear top the jiffy disks came in but when they touched the top they wouldn’t open which I found weird because ten years ago I could get a plant to stay in the jiffy pods til it touched top and just started bushing out like 3 or 4 inches across and no roots poked out . This time roots were poking out in like 3 days so I was like shit I need to transplant… so I did and I had 6 plants and 1 30w CFL and 1 10w led and I think they got cooked because that’s plenty of light 1 CFL in the cardboard box grew all 6 of the plants til they were touching the top and roots coming out of pods… I guess ineed to ask the wife to help… I was thinking of putting them into 5 gal bags the 2 survivors or even just the big bud feminized because that’s all I’m after is a mother plant and I get 3 FLOWER seasons outdoor here a year and I just want to keep a mother alive then grow clones til a month before next 12 and 12 the 27th of this month Sept started the 12 and 12 and that’s the picture of that plant I put it in 5 gal bag on 14 th it was small here’s a pic so we are 16 days later and sun and Moon hit 12 and 12 on 27th and it’s growing well for the horrible choice of medium… but I live in Costa Rica and there is no grow stores or anything and nearest city is 4 hours away and it’s super dangerous at times plus the PERLITE was a 22 hour round trip because I can’t afford to pay for shipping it’s crazy 85 dollars a pound I tried getting a 20 dollar pH pen and it was 112 dollars to ship because regular USPS they will steal the mail or I’ll wait 3to4 months for the package if they don’t steal it so Fed ex offers 1 option 2to3 business days for 85 a pound… ouch so I’m doing what I can, with what I have… which money wise I’m pretty much broke. I wish I could do like my last grow in the states I had all fox farm soil nutes and a aquaponics seed starter and a 600w hps on a light mover I had 40 plants with football sized top colas growing into gal black plastic grow bags with no holes. This one I put knife slits all over because I don’t know ow why it’s been ten years since my last grow and so much info online it’s contradictory and confusing… I was just stoked to save up 500 dollars in 18 months to buy seeds and actually have them make it and they are replacing the 50 and giving me 50 more suitable for my climate 10 packs of 10 and two packs are feminized, white LSD fem and raspberry cough fem they are sativa and that’s what grows here but he promises I’ll like this I ordered mostly indicas because I’m sick of smoking the seedy sativa garbage it’s just what we call in the states brick weed or regular but it’s fresh cut but still it’s not any better they just cut plant hang dry it and that’s that and 2 pounds costs 20 bucks… if I could get it like that in the states I’d been rich but they press it and wrap it and it may sit for months before someone actually smoking it in USA …but either way it sucks and I’m trying to find someone that can help me

Ya I do same or I put in zip lock after 24 hours of water in cup… how long should tap root be before taking out of paper towels

If this will help, had a simular issue where I live ( not finding soil I wanted locally.) Just bought 30lg ag of FFOF for 18.00 and free ship to me thru amazon prime. Worth joining for their free month! Download the growing guide here, it is a wonderful source of info.helped me a ton! I’ve never grown anything since elementary scool (a potato) lol and it grow is this.


Really just take 1 thing at a time and we will try to help you as best as we can. You dont need the tap root to be very long. Really once you see any kind of root showing you can plant it. I do mine when they are around 1/4" to 1/2" long.
How big is your CFL. For CFL to work best they need to be within a couple inches of the plant. Try 3-4". If you can get some type of reflector and turn it sideways you will get a lot more light from it.
If you can put your hand between the CFL and the plant, and it burns your hand after 30 seconds, it’s too close. Back it away another inch or so.
Are you trying to grow indoors or outdoors?
If you’re growing indoors, that CFL and 30w led will not net you a big harvest but if that’s all you have I would just grow what you have growing until you can get something better.

Can you answer some questions please.
You are trying to find a mother plant?
And you cant get your seeds to germinate?
How many did you try to germinate?
How many plants are you trying to grow?
How big is your grow space?
How big do your plants get before dying off?
Are you feeding nutrients?

I soaked mine in hydrogen peroxide 3% 50/50 water for 24 hrs and then paper towel method with zip lock bag 75% success rate but I’m in UK and don’t know what your humidity and norm temp is. Also I have read somewhere that sea level also affects germination. I hope it helps. I got pissed off with losing money on seed so tried all methods with bag seed. Again I hope it help’s

All I’m trying to do is get mothers and go clone crazy I have tons of CFL bulbs, LED bulbs 4 foot t8 florescent lights , because where I live it’s hot and humid year round lowest temps are 70s in Dec and Jan but highs are 90s plus year round and 3 flowering times per year. But I can’t find potting soil
All I can find is compost… and currently my investor gave me 20% of the deal and when I asked for another 20% I haven’t been able to reach him in a month… That’s really my issue . And the company I ordered from is sending me 50 that wouldn’t germinate or died within a week or two plus 50 more that are geared for my climate I explained where I was and told him to find some that will thrive here so 100 total 20 feminized 10 and 10 and 50 I already have strains plus 50 new strains 10 of them fem… so I’m happy but I need to figure out why they grew so well then I transplanted and it was black jack, ak47, LA CONFIDENTIAL, BIG BUD FEMINIZED, northern lights they all grew well until the transfer then B.J. DIED FIRST… AK47 NEXT… N.L. AND THE LAST TWO SURVIVOR OUR BIG BUD AND LA CONFIDENTIAL … LAST NIGHT I CHANGED THE CFL AND LED TO 2 LED BULBS BECAUSE I THINK IT WAS THE HEAT … I HAD SOME DAYS WHERE I COULDN’T GET HOME IN TIME TO GET FAN ON SO I ALSO CHANGED THE TIMER OF WHEN LIGHTS ON AND OFF , SO HOPEFULLY THAT DOESNT AFFECT IT TO MUCH AND I THINK I HAD LIGHT LEAKS… ALL AROUND RUSTY GROWER,… AND NEED TO LOSE SOME TO LEARN SOMETHINGS…BUT WITH INVESTOR M.I.A. I MUST FIGURE OUT THE BEST WAY WITH WHAT I HAVE

I don’t understand what you wrote, please repeat

Do you know about any hacking on this forum because I got a response from audiofreak. And I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about, it can be auto correct or someone who is not a English being first language and wants me to download something… plus his picture is so fake only a fool would believe he is growing 3 perfect looking plants with 6 CFL bulbs with fat buds in a small grow tent… and the bulbs are super far from the plants I bet it’s not even reaching the top bud. I wish I could show you the picture he sent me… I probably got hacked I replied and said please repeat I didn’t understand

Not a flake, real picts, there 10x 100/23w cfl’'s and I reread my post and seems correct English to me. I was responding to your difficulty getting soil. Sorry you didn’t get that. Suggest you relax some, smoke a joint and get your frustration under control before you slam people that are trying to help. Just saying!


It didn’t seem real and I don’t know what ffof or whatever meant so I thought possibly it’s a hack, I just got on here 5 days ago and I don’t know if it’s safe to download something, I’m not tech savvy… but sorry . Can you please repeat in a more basic wording. Please and I didn’t slam you I just asked if this other guy heard of you… sorry to offend you my bad… but that is crazy if that pic is real your def on to something because other people tell me my 30w CFL and a 10w led isnot enough to do anything with seedlings and he thought I had like 5 or 6 bulbs when I only have 2 . I started them with 1 30w CFL in a tray they reached the top so I transferred into a small pot those biodigradable pots I don’t know the name in English we call them masceta but if you don’t speak Spanish that probably means nothing to you… wish I had a joint… again my apologies … To much contradictory info on YouTube has me all kinds of confused…but good to know… what strain if I may ask is that? If we can start over… and you said you got what for 18 dollars free shipping? That is what confused me and your last 3 words…

What is 30lg ag of ffof… I am stumped I don’t know sorry man

I’m no where near proper lighting! But what you see is what I got using what I have. Have 2 plants, ending 6th week of flowering. Don’t know what I’m going in up with in a couple of weeks but considering what I have to work with I’m pleased with what I have. I am going to go higher end LED’'S (HLG) most likely. And FFOF is FOX FARMS OCEAN SOIL.

All photos taken in the last 48 hours.