Germination issues - need help


Today is Sunday and nothing from #5 it’s in soil , light , beautiful green house what more does she wants I feed her I talk to her trying to get a response :roll_eyes:


Any word from #5?

FWIW- I ended up ordering some seeds from Dutch Passion, Fast Buds and Dinafem because of their reputation for high yielding, potent and flavorful plants and had 100% germination. They were all bigger seeds (almost 2x the size of the ones from ILGM) and nice, dark brown. Same deal with some Super Dense Autos from New420Guy - they’re my most vigorous growers I have. At this rate they’re going to be gigantic!

Do you have a grow journal?


Taken yesterday Claudia , Monica ,Bonnie , Giselle , still nothing from #5 ( Missy )


If the seeds get a little older, or was not stored correctly ( like in a fridge ) it happens. use a jar and put sand paper inside. shake your seeds in the sandpaper. ( for a min or two ) helps skuff them up. remember to use a little hyd proxiside in your distilled water. better yet dont use distilled water. use bottled water and proxide,


@deepdownsouth Thanks for that but I’ve already tried that.


get a glass jar. and put some 180 sand paper. ( metal kind Black ) line the gaj with sand paper on the sides of the glass jar. put your seeds in the jar and shake the seeds around. for a min or two. shuffing the seeds along with botteled water and proixide. should do the trick. your tring to skuf the seeds for faster intake of water.


Hello all,
I am having some issues with White Widow seeds also. Only two out of five sprouted. I didn’t know the peroxide trick until now, so I used my usual method of soaking in water and then putting them between paper towels.
So next time I’ll know better.
Here’s the odd thing. The two plants were planted at the same time, but they are doing very different things. They are both about two inches high, but one of them is bushier and seems to already be forming buds. The other has much larger leaves and looks like it going to be a lot taller. I almost think they are two different varieties. What do you guys think?


@deepdownsouth Yessir, I scuff and use peroxide already. The issue isn’t with my methods, it’s a seed problem. That’s why ILGM sent 8 new beans to cover some of the ones that didn’t germinate from my original order. They want me to try the rest of the original order but I don’t have room for any more plants right now. I still have 7 seeds left but they’re just going to have to wait on those. Out of the 13 beans I’ve attempted to germinate, 4 have worked. The rest…duds. Plain and simple. As long as they replace all the ones that don’t germinate, I’m satisfied - just going to have to wait on me to try the rest. I bought the ‘buy 10, get 10 free’ to have a supply of seeds for the next year. Not to germinate 20 of the same strain in 1 grow. They seem fine with it. I think it’s all good

@rnb Yeah, they do look different; and I’ve had some different results (phenos) within the same batch of these seeds. One is growing demonstrably faster than the others (look at the dates they broke ground on my labels) and one clearly has a denser structure. I’m trying not to read too much into it yet but it does make you wonder, huh? If seeds cost $1/ea it wouldn’t be a big deal but when you’re paying $6-$12 per seed, by the time they reach your door, it does seem like you could expect more uniformity. Especially from a pretty stable strain like WW Auto. It’s a little frustrating. The Amnesia Haze I received has been very uniform so I’m thinking there’s been an issue with WW. Maybe that was the reason for the buy1, get 1 sale? Get rid of a problematic batch? The price of seeds is pretty crazy, IMO. I’m clearly in the wrong business! Lol! The value of a seeded out plant is like platinum versus compost.

Hopefully your plants will prove to be correct and uniform when it all washes out.

I have found that these ILGM WW auto seeds like to be scuffed on sandpaper and soaked in distilled water with a little splash of Hydrogen Peroxide. I leave them in the water on a warming mat set at 85° until I see a taproot begin to protrude. Then, I soak a paper towel with the water from the cup, squeeze most of it out and fold it a couple times before I put the seeds on it and fold again once or twice. Then, I put them on a saucer plate with another saucer upside down over the top. This allows a little breathing and keeps everything in the dark but helps keep the towel moist. I leave it on the warming mat until I get a taproot about 3/4” long. Then I make a hole with a sharpened pencil in some soil and use tweezers to drop the root down the hole until the seed itself is about 1/4” below the surface. Then, I drop a tiny bit of soil over the seed, making SURE that I don’t have any perlite chunks or larger pieces of composted material on top of the seed. I want the seed to have an EASY time pushing up and out of the dirt. I tuck the seed in by gently pushing inward and downward with my fingers from about 1 1/2” out from where the seed is and at about a 45° angle. Just to make sure the soil contacts the root. I use a turkey badger to drip about a teaspoon of water over the seed and I cover with a clear plastic cup for a humidity dome. Back onto the warming mat at 85° and wait for the seedling to emerge. I do this with Root Riot cubes with a lot of seeds and have great success but these WW autos don’t like them and have done much better in the soil. These things are a real pain. I got some from another seed bank and had zero issues.

Hope this helps and you have a great grow!!

Broke ground last and it’s the biggest, by far. But, it was started in a 6” pot and the others were started in solo cups.

These 2 emerged the same day but look how much denser one is than the other. The denser one is also bigger by a good 20%

Sorry about picture quality - I had to take some with a flashlight as it’s night and 2 are outdoors. Here are a couple overhead shots of the 2 outside girls…


Sounds like your doing things right. But try a toohpick to make a hole… if the tap root hole is to large the root takes a long time to reach the soil ( the little hairs have to reach out more when the hole is to big ) the hole to start growing.also put the top of the seed flush with the top of the soil. just so you can see it. dont pust it 1/4" down. not making the plant work harder than it needs too when they young. Thanks for the pics.


@rnb I feel you Brother I’m asking my self that same question but 4 of my 5 sprouted and 2 look alike and the other 2 look alike but different from the other 2
Bonnie and Claudia are these two

And these 2 are Monica and Giselle


Thanks for the support, friend. I’ll just have to wait and see how they grow. Practice makes perfect.


Thanks for the reply. I still have lots to figure out, but it’s nice to have this forum to gets some answers.


@rnb but you can see the difference huh it’s like 2 different versions of the same strain by the way you are welcome I love to help if I can