Germination issues - need help


Today is Sunday and nothing from #5 it’s in soil , light , beautiful green house what more does she wants I feed her I talk to her trying to get a response :roll_eyes:


Any word from #5?

FWIW- I ended up ordering some seeds from Dutch Passion, Fast Buds and Dinafem because of their reputation for high yielding, potent and flavorful plants and had 100% germination. They were all bigger seeds (almost 2x the size of the ones from ILGM) and nice, dark brown. Same deal with some Super Dense Autos from New420Guy - they’re my most vigorous growers I have. At this rate they’re going to be gigantic!

Do you have a grow journal?


Taken yesterday Claudia , Monica ,Bonnie , Giselle , still nothing from #5 ( Missy )


If the seeds get a little older, or was not stored correctly ( like in a fridge ) it happens. use a jar and put sand paper inside. shake your seeds in the sandpaper. ( for a min or two ) helps skuff them up. remember to use a little hyd proxiside in your distilled water. better yet dont use distilled water. use bottled water and proxide,


@deepdownsouth Thanks for that but I’ve already tried that.