Germination issue

Ok used paper towel method seeds opened good long root… planted in seeding soil watered placed in germ contanier under led light 3 days nothing coming up

Patients is a virtue.

It can take a week. Be sure to let them dry before using a sprayer to wet just the top of the soil. Including when they first come up.

Did you put root facing down?

Good question. If the sprout was placed upside down; It will have to pigtail around before popping out. Don’t mess with it, just wait. Perhaps you planted them a little deep. As long as you do not drown them; You should see a sprout soon. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Thks guy’s for sure placed root in dirt will wait let u know. …thks again

Ok my first plant germination successful not sure what strain been saving seeds to test before i use the ones purchased from you…been under led 18+ hrs… any advice