Germination issue in peat pellet

Four Blue Dream, auto flowering, feminized seeds were planted May 2nd, 10 days ago, kept in the dark, as follows:

• Two seeds in water for three days:

One grew a rootlet, the other split

Both went into fiber pots, with seedling starter mix and since shoots have emerged-Great!

• One directly in a fiber pot with seedling starter mix-shoot has emerged-Great

• One in rehydrated peat pellet, with light peat moss covering-nothing has emerged-10 days have gone by-now what?

I am using an electric seed warmer if my greenhouse gets too cool.

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Not sure :thinking: to long of a dry period?

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Was the one in the peet pellet the one that just cracked and didn’t sprout a tail? You can go gently fishing for her and see whats up but 10 days is too long imho.

I only put seeds in water for 24 hours, then onto a wet paper towel.

A dry seed went into the rehydrated pellet. I just used sprayer to wash away peat moss covering and the seed, unsplit, whole is sitting there-now what? almost 2 weeks later

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I’d go fishing very gently for it to see where it’s at… I have not ever dropped a dry seed into soil but plenty of people have