Germination Information

I recently germinated my first ever groups of seeds - all purchased from this site !

I’m running the sweet mix, which is :
Gelato - Zkittles - Sunset Sherbet

I germinated all of my seeds at once, with separate glasses of water for each strain.

I noticed after just 24 hours that two Gelato, four Zkittles and six Sunsets had popped a tail.

I allowed those that popped a tail another 12 hours in the water to continue growing their tail.

I planted each seed into a rapid rooter cube as its tail reached double to triple the size of its seed.

I planted the tails pointing down as they would naturally grow, about a quarter to half inch or “knuckle deep” into the hole.

I covered each hole with a piece of the plug to create the needed darkness to sprout and kept the humidity hood nice and moist.

After 72 hours that the site suggests for germination, only 2 of my seeds did not show signs of a tail.

We must keep in mind that it is great to be offered a guarantee, but we are still experimenting with nature and nature will find it’s way to be unpredictable.

Completely satisfied with 28 out of 30 seeds germinated in the expected time, I decided to experiment with my final two seeds.

I left one Sunset and one Gelato in the water until the 7th night, as the site suggested in a more detailed description that the seeds may last up to a week in water.

They both showed small signs of a tail at that point and I went ahead and planted.

My final Sunset has sprouted and I have not noticed a few of my Gelatos yet. I feel this may be natural and the Gelato does have a longer expected grow time.

For anyone else that may be experiencing or thinking about trying all of this for the first time, give it a shot and enjoy the process of learning and growing.

Keep in mind that we are experimenting with nature and an open mind is bound to learn and grow !

Have fun and enjoy !

Example of tail length before planting, allow smaller tails to continue growing in water.


Holy crap! 28 plants? You gonna have a forest


Nice Post, a lot of dark magic goes on when nature does her thing. Nice to see a little bit of sunlight showing the process, Nice one mate :heart_eyes:
Ps you are indeed in a world of pain with all those ladies. Jumanji springs to mind :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have experience with large grows boys, I’m talking close to 200 at a time both indoors and outdoors !

I’m not planning on getting that carried away this time. Since it was my first time experimenting with seeds, I wanted to give myself some room to breathe. I also may turn a few into Mothers.

It’s my first time doing a run in a while so I am having fun and seeing how it goes !

It’s all about the planning process and allowing yourself to adapt with your plants !

@Mr_Wormwood @Davyg


Fair play mate. You see it fairly often on here. Folks buy 10 seeds and germinate them all at once. 6 weeks down the line and the amazon rain forest doesn’t get a look in :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I can imagine that ! I was planning to run two different rooms but it is too hot this time of year.

My Sunset and Zkittles call for 8 weeks, which is all I have experience with indoors. Gelato calls for 10 so I was going to run that separate and experiment.

Not all my seeds have sprouted yet, although I’m still hopeful.

I’ve run 12 to 15 comfortably in one room. My plan was maybe 9 each in two separate rooms and choose my best of each as Mothers - also leaving room for natural error.

Now as I have a number of good looking seedlings and have decided against a second room, I’m trying to decide my best way to run everything in one room.

Even at seedling stage, heat has already become an issue.

This is my first time back on my feet in a while and I am just thrilled to begin figuring my rooms back out !

Any knowledge or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is also my first time running everything on my own ! :metal:t2:


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Heat is easier to manage using led but they’re pricey. There is a thread on here for diy light builds which could keep the cost down. Are you legal or flying low on this

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New York just legalized and there is a lot of grey area yet. I believe we are allowed 3 plants per head. My outdoor is good, my indoor in a little extra.

I did purchase some Vivosun “1000W LEDs” from Amazon. They are rated 100w input and 1000w output but I am not sure that is legit.

A few guys here told me they are probably pumping 100 - 200w max.

I purchased to try and save on heat and energy, but I think I’ll be resorting back to my 1000w HPS.

I’m thinking of trying to run two 1000w HPS’ but I’m already having a feeling that’s too much heat.

If I end up only being able to run one, sometimes that’s life. I’m still excited to get my room up and running !


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I have two of the 300w versions. I use them for veg lights. They work great.
For flower I have two better lights.


My 100w worked good for seedling stage. Right now I have a 4ft T5 hanging above my first dozen seedlings I transplanted. I figured that is better than my other LED as I still have one hanging above my seedling tray.



The guys will be right about the lights. Putting 100 watts in to get 1000 out is stretching the imagination even for a salesman. Few folks have been caught out with that one. @dbrn32 is knowledgeable around the light scene. I’ve tagged him so hopefully he will swing by. I use HLG QB260 rspecs and love em but they’re pricey here in the UK :sleepy:


They had gotten some great reviews on Amazon and weren’t too expensive so I figured they were worth a shot.

@dbrn32 has been a great deal of help for me already as we began talking on another post of mine.

A buddy of mine is running both the same Vivosun and an HLG - he said he is real pleased with the HLG.

Today I am beginning my work on my flowering room as I have some adjustments to make and would like to have time to test my drip line and everything before I transfer my ladies to that room.

I’m going to take measurements, see if I can fit 2 beds and lights and all that jazz.

Keep everyone posted and all knowledge and insights welcomed !


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Light output for hortilux applications is measured in ppf, not watts. Either way, i assure you that your 100 watt led doesn’t have the same ppf or ypf of a 1000 watt hps.

If you want to run hps but concerned about heat, use air cooled hoods and exhaust out of the room.


I do have a hood with an exhaust outlet and a blower, but I do not have any experience with setting all of that up.

When I get that far along, I will definitely post pictures to get some feedback !


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There are a few threads here that should cover. Maybe snoop around in search bar some to get idea before you get there.


I had that kind of setup. I found that there’s a few ways of dealing with the heat. You can either duct fresh air straight through your lights from outside and vent it straight back to the outside without drawing any air from your space and go for a seperate exhaust setup with fan filter combo. Drawing air from your space through your filter, through your lights and away to the outside is another. One thing I have learned is to match your fan, light and ducting perfectly as you will need air tight seals to avoid any smell. Legal or not, smell attracts unwanted attention :scream:

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Much appreciated information thank you. I know the smell will be an issue as well so I must consider how I’ll be dealing with all that.

It is just hot this time of year !


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