Germination help!

I’ve had two chocolate seeds in rockwool cubes in a humidity dome for about 2 weeks now. One hasn’t even cracked open and the other is maybe half an inch tall and super skinny. Is it supposed to be taking this long? Is there anything I can do to help my little ladies along?

Welcome to the forum first of all. Great bunch here and very knowledgeable. Did you soak your seeds before planting. A lot of us soak for 24hrs in water and then let them sit in a damp paper towel till the tap root appears. The other one looks bang on though


I did not, is it too late to do so?

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If there’s no sign of a tap root then it wouldn’t do any harm. Complete darkness and moist not soaking wet with the paper towel though


They (I) don’t call it “rot’wool” for nuthin’!

How would your feet feel if your shoes were made of rotwool?

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Your feet need ironed mate :scream:



Those aren’t my feet, however, they do look like smart feet, because they have the texture of brain tissue.

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If rockwool cubes were not soaked in 5.5 ph water …it kills seeds.
there is a free tutorial about germination here. worth watching

They were soaked and I try to make sure they don’t go dry in that dome I have