Germination auto top

Howdy , how often will the shell of a seed top it self by taking the cotyledons off it of when it emerges from the soil ? I’m going to see what happens by keeping her going , but I’m aware my efforts will probably be futile . Auto Blue Dream, Straight ph 5.8 H2O , seedling mat , one cfl bulb . Thanks for any input


One of my girls in my current grow had a similar issue. The shell didn’t come off and was kind of wonky. I pulled It off and it ripped the starter leaves off. It only had a little baby leaf to start with for like a week. Once it grew out a little and got an actual leaf it took off.

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Are the cotyledons missing or just haven’t unfolded? The husk doesn’t remove the cotyledons unless they broke ground with the husk still attached and it was removed damaging those :love_you_gesture: if in fact the cotyledons are gone, keep plenty of humidity around them and misting periodically. The leaves feed the plant through humidity until the roots take over

They gone , my camera can’t get that zoom , but they are in the shell in the rooter . There is however a small sliver of a leaf like structure off the tip , which give me hope

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How about that eh ! A seedling can decapitate itself , and then a growth will emerge out the stem preaching about reality. I shall name you Kuato

The question was : are there any methods that extend the veg state in auto flowers, even by a little bit ? E.G. keeping the nutrient schedule on growth or going straight 24 hr lights ? Or is all this nonsense thinking and the auto is named auto for a reason and just let her do it’s thing ?

No way to extend the veg period, a stall or stunting from issues but that’ll produce a runt in flower. Most of my autos start flowering around 26-32 days in veg not counting the 14 day seedling period :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for the confirmation on that , it has made it this far cause I took your advice and misted otherwise I’d probably aborted. I’ll post again to show the developments of a runt, and who knows maybe it turns out to be a beast after I dance the line of nutrient burn . I’m pretty ignorant on autos so it will probably be a futile attempt. Thanks again for the input (the dates are especially helpful -didn’t know if people included the 14 day seedling with all the timelines thrown around )

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Sounds good Brother, tag me if you got a question :love_you_gesture: