Germination and seedling move

Is Coco noir good for germination and is it true auto flower can germinate in their permanent pot once they pop?

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Yes to the second question I don’t know on the first one

I’m betting yes to that as well but I am not a coco grower yet

Coco is difficult to germinate in, it requires lots of care and is not typically recommended. Here is a primer on how to grow seedling in coco.

Okay thanks I’ll do the soils which I already have maybe after I have experience I might experiment with one

I have used soil/seedling starter in small cups to establish the plants, then transplant them into coco for vegging and flowering. A small cup of soil in a large pot of coco does no harm.

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Coco is Great for germination. You Must FLUSH. I use 1 teaspoon (granular) per gallon of coco + I add 20-30% perlite