Germination advise

So, I have four seeds currently popped in a paper towel. Tap root is a little less than a quarter inch. I wasn’t prepared and won’t have soil available until tomorrow for them. This morning, I decided that I wanted to grow two more. Being that they’re behind schedule, I just plopped them into a 5 gallon pot with grow medium just to see how long it’ll take for them to start growing.

Well, now that these seeds germinated faster than expected, I’m considering unplanting the two seeds and tossing them into the paper towel. Is that wise skipping the soak step or should I just continue the experiment?

You don’t have to soak the seeds. Just put a moist paper towel

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@richrich hey brother! There are multiple ways people germinate seeds. Most “manually” germinate by soaking in water, wet paper towel, etc. I have seen some people simply throw the beans in soil and they are successful.

A lot of growing is personal preference… A lot of the time it depends on your environment too. I had no luck with starting straight in soil and I think it is because my humidity was too low to support germination and my soil was drying too quickly. However if you have good enough humidity it shouldn’t matter if you start in soil.

I personally start mine by dropping it in water for around 24hrs. Don’t push it into the water, just let it sit on top. After the taproot has grown, put it into the soil taproot down. Think I told you this on your other post though. I don’t like using paper towels because I’m always nervous I will lose the seed somehow and it can be harder to find it in a moist paper towel sometimes. To each his own! :man_shrugging:

Also, I really don’t think you need to worry about them being a few days apart… especially if they are photoperiod seeds since you can flower them all at the same time.

A tip for the paper towel i use. I dont soak them. I get 2 paper towels and soak them then wring them out lay one down put my seeds on it then cover the other one on tome pat it down over the seeds spray it 2 times with a spray bottle and put it in a zip lock and leave it open. Put it in a warm place and keep it dark usually in a blanket or something. Works all the time. Close to 100 percent germ rate if not 100 percent. When you check to see if the tap roots come out of the light your put out the bag and put it up the the light and you can see right through and see the root for a wuick way to check them then take out the ones that are ready and can put them back in the blanket. High success rate

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I will have to try that sometime! I don’t have germination issues but I’m always down to try new things for sure.

how do you like to handle them at this point? I’m afraid of pinching it with my fingers to pick it up. Someone said tweezers. I was thinking to just try a spoon to roll it in and then off.

Nah they arnt as delicate as everyone makes them seem to be. As long as they arnt grown into the paper towel I pick them up but the shell and put it right into the dirt root down and shove some dirt over the top nd the next day or 2 its up out of the dirt. If its grown into the paper towel I cut the peice of paper towel its grown into and plant that with it. Im rough lmao if they got helmet head and the shell doesn’t fall off naturally I take it off. And id the membrane is still on dried I spray it with water and peel it off. Usually never have a problem once in a while the root will rip in half but thats why u have extras

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Sorry for the spelling been drinking lmaooo

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