Germination advice?

Pictures here are 3 germination pods - the right 2 square jiffy pots are filled with Miracle Grow Seed starter, and Show 2 Gold Leaf Fem sprouts that were soaked in pH 6.5 DI H2O for 24 hours 2/17, then planted in the jiffies, kept on propagation mat loosely draped in plastic wrap, in a jiffy dome, spritzed daily and housed under T8 plant/aquarium light. Less than 3 days seed to sprout!
In the jiffy round peat pellet is a non sprouted WWAF seed, also,soaked in similar conditions for 24 hours on 2/10, then into the peat pot where 10 days later I’m still misting and praying :-(. Out of 9 attempted WWAF seeds, I have 2 plants in veg, and this hopeful.

What am I doing wrong? Is it the WW seeds? Edited to add prior to this seed I wasn’t pHing the water (but still managed 2 plants)

What kind of temps were those kept at? You need low 80s to make them happy including the soak to germination.


@bob31 I’m going to assume they are in that range - my temp gauge is in my grow tent, but I’ll place it with the sprouts tonight to verify. Thanks!

You may want to consider changing germination tactics. Most folks are doing the seed soak and then between paper towels and in a zip lock or between 2 plates until a tail is established then into the soil. I’m reading near 100℅ germination with that technique.


You might also be keeping things a little too wet… which will cause anaerobic conditions which will make it hard for your seedlings to get going… :wink:

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Thanks @bob31

@Sl1 thats what I use as well and I’m personally at 100%, though I’ve only done one! :sunglasses:


My propagation chamber is 81 degrees and 70% humidity

Yup, too wet and they drown, I use 50/50 perlite vermiculite and I lose very few good luck

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Thank you all. Kind of wondering though why it seems WW seeds were so difficult to germinate when I had zero problems with the Gold Leaf or the basil, cilantro, parsley I also started from seed and are growing well. :frowning:

I have had similar problems with peat pods before. If they get too wet it doesn’t allow any air to get to seeds/taproot. They als9 get very dense and coty leaves just won’t push out. If I don’t see cotyledon in first few days. I remove nylon netting and very gently squeeze the peat just to crack it a bit. If you see taproot sprinkle a little soil over it and wait. I cut an empty water bottle and just set bottom over pod to use as humidity dome.


I germinated the seeds by soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours then plant it in the stating pellet.

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I think it’s the peat pots I don’t plan to use them again.

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The peat pods work fine. I don’t push the seed down. I just place on top and put a touch of soil over it.