Germination advice - DWC hydro

I’m about to start my second grow using a 1.5 gallon DWC grow cabinet. I’m going to germinate white widows using rapid rooters, and hydroton. Any advice before I start? How to prepare the hydroton? Should I soak both my rapid rooters and hydroton in a seedling solution before planting the seeds?

@Donaldj you have been such a big help to me already, was wondering if you could offer any advice or tips as I start my second grow?!

I tend to sprout everything on trays then move to unit but as far as soaking with rapid rooters you would sprout seed in paper towel then move to rooters which were briefly dipped in distilled water :wink: don’t want them soaked just moist cover with dome and place under light in war space.

I have a humidity dome with a grow light I want going to start them out in. As well as a “self watering mat” to keep them damp, but not too wet. I think drenching my rapid rooters last time was the mistake that really hurt me last time!

I also have this cloning/seedling solution that I’ve heard is good for starting seeds out in. This would be the nutes I would soak the hydroton in and water the mat with. Just running through all my ideas. :grin:

You are certainly welcome to try but the rapid rooters are made with a slight nutrient charge and adding to it shouldn’t be needed right away and moistening the rooters is as simple as a dip. You certainly will need to rinse hydroton and wouldn’t hurt to soak it either but it is inert so won’t retain anything but dried salts :wink:


I may just use regular ph’d water and skip the seedling solution. Keep things simple and limit number of variables.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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I’m not sure if a 1.5 gallon bucket is going to be enough space for your plant. I use 5 gallon buckets, and my roots could still use more space!


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How are they coming along?

My sister has decided to come in town this month (and would not be keen on the new hobby) so I will start once she leaves. :blush:

I’m doing it this small for the stealth aspect of it. It’s either this or not at all. :grin:

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Sorry to add to this , I also have a auestion. When soaking the seeds for the 12-24hour before the plugs . Would it hurt to do the mericial grow 1 packet to 1 gallon or flower power starter ratios and let the seeds soak in it before inserting to my plugs to start rooting?