Germinating time?

How long should it take to germinate once in paper towel? I had 4 of my 6 grow a 1" tail, but two just don’t want to take off. It’s been 5 days in paper towel. the first 4 are already in dirt and have their first leaves.
I’ve dropped a couple of more in water to replace these. IDK?

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Both look like they are trying but if they are that far behind??? Some people have had good plants for slow starters lol good luck

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Looks like they are starting.

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You can always try a to put them in a shit glass with water and a little hydrogen peroxide and Store them in a cool dark place.

@Rexy hi mate just wondering if is really cold temps ? or maybe just some strugglers. :slight_smile: good luck

The temps are around 75-80 deg.F
I think they are duds! Been keeping them wet for 1 week today.

Try getting paper towel a little more wet and put back in ziplock bag with some air trapped in. The one with brown looking tail doesn’t seem as promising, but the other is looking to have small tail anytime.

Pakalobo Just curious, how much shit goes in the glass? Is it one to one with water or does more shit, make shit happen?


By the time I realized it said that I couldn’t edit :rofl:. It’s unbelievable I spell shot it autocorrects to shit and the other way around. Guess my phone just knows me lol

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I’ve been keeping them moist with two more I started to replace these loosers! lol.
The new ones already have 1/8" tails in the paper towels. I’ll keep the two losers going until the new ones are ready for the dirt. Then garbage for the other two!
6 out of the 8 I bought came up great. 4 are getting their second nodes.

So IF the other two I have still in the package germinate that would be 80% success rate.
IF they don’t that would be 60% success rate. Glad I bought 10 to get the 6 I wanted.

Still happy!

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