Germinating/sexing seeds

I have some small plastic planting pots a friend gave me. They are about 3" in diameter, and about 2.5" in depth. Are these a good size, or too small to germinate and sex the seeds? If so, what would be an ideal size to do that in. I was also looking online at some 7" plastic pots. Not sure if that is too big for what I was needing to do.


germinating they are fine but sexing usually requires your plants are mostly mature meaning 1-2 months old from seed and you need to trigger flowering if you plan to sex early I can sex my plants without triggering by flowering a clone from each but after 3 months or so after practice you can sex without being in flower since truly mature plants will show pre sex with age alone.
The cutting method is faster and accurate simply take a cutting as if making a clone ad put it under 12/12 lighting in a few weeks it will show sex if kept healthy even if it doesn’t fully root :wink: