Germinating seeds/ sprouting

First question would be; is it okay/good to see purple on the tail on the seed?
Second question; it’s been 4 days and still no sprouting, am I being to eager or doing something wrong?

What is the process you are using to germinate?

I put them in water for 12 hours and sit it in the dark. And then I take them and put them in a damp paper towel in a ziplock bag in the dark until they sprout tails

I usually soak mine about 48 hours the door paper towels inside two plates. But I reset with warm water daily.

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They all sprouted tails and I have them in little pots right now and I’m misting the surface bc they haven’t sprouted out of the soil yet but it’s been 4 days and none of them have came out of the soil yet. And I’m only watering once a day idk if that’s the problem

I’m just worried bc I’m using fox farm soil and my buddy said I should see them out of the soil after 3 days

How long was the tail and how deep did you plant them?

I used a pencil and went down about an inch and a half in the soil. I’ll post a pic of the seeds before they went in

That’s why i usually plant mine about a half inch so it will take a bit longer at that depth. I got worried and began brushing the soil back and one touch and I saw leaves.

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