Germinating seeds not doing thier thing

Looks like after 3 days only 5 of the 10 seeds germinated.
Will give the other 5 another 3 days.


You need to get the germinated seeds into soil fast. Looks like trying to grow leafs underwater.


Agree with @Poseidon1 those thay have tails you need to bury fast. I had one germ way fast and it produced leaves and i thought i got it fast enough and i lost the seed. Ive had awesome luck with just burying the seed and not worrying about soaking.


I didnt soak these and ive only lost 1 out of 7

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What temperature are you soaking at? :thinking:
If using soaking method I soak for no more than 24 hours then put in tissue in warm dark spot.
20-25 degrees C 68-77f

Did today

Temps here have only been in the 60’s.
Live off grid in the desert

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Tried burying one year and no seeds came up.

Freshen the solution and give another week, IMO.
Good growing to you.

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