Germinating seed question

Hey all back again.

So I’ve germinated seeds and one popped right away but the others still have not popped.

I germinate in paper towels. Always had great success.
I started germination 7 days ago. My question being how long should I wait until I pronounce them dead?

The one that popped is already out of the soil ready to grow lol.

@Jmesser80 Give them 5 more days. You might have some luck. After that, they are DOA. :pensive:


They are ILGM seeds so I have faith :pray:

No opened shell? No tap root? Was paper towel kept moist at all times?

They hatched by now…not gonna.

Try again…good luck

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I’ve only germinated 11 seeds but had 100% success with them from ILGM WW feminized seeds. Three were just sowed in peat pellets. The rest were just buried in soil. Kept moist, and warm, mine always sprouted after 72 to 96 hours. Yours might have just went dry, slow starter, etc. Good luck.


I had some seeds that were very problematic.
10 of 10 failed, ILGM replaced them…
I got a couple of them to grow and they are beautiful, but they are very fussy.
Some strains are much more difficult to grow than others.


Do you place paper towel in ziplock bag with air trapped in and on warm surface?

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No I use 2 paper plates, it’s worked %100 in the past. I put the paper towels in the paper plates one paper plate on top and one flipped over on top creating a lid. I set hem on top of my cable box it keeps them warm. I check a few times a day tombe sure paper towel is moist. I’ll give them a bit longer and see if they pull through.

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Pretty much same idea. I’ve had really good luck too.

I have had much better luck germinating seeds in rock wool plugs in a small container with a clear top. 2-3 day generally to sprout and all 6 ilgm seeds, 3 GDP, 3 WW grew.
Humidity in Arizona is too low for paper towels and if you use plugs you don’t need to handle the sprouts out of paper towel means.
Good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1:t2:

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Soak new seeds in water for one day…then place in between two paper towels… moist towels, not soppy wet. cover with tight lid, check every 6 to 12 hours, keep towels MOIST. Once tap root is 1/4" + long…move to a 9 oz clear cup with soil. put head at ground level, mist with water twice a day…USE ANOTHER CLEAR CUP TO HOLD IN HUMIDITY.
Clear cups allow the roots progress to be monitored. Once they are all over the cup like a spider web…transplant to final home. need drain holes in the cup

btw…if you don’t have a PM n PPM Meter Set…get one. $20 online…essential