Germinating OG Kush Auto seeds

Has anyone had trouble germinating a OG Kush auto seed i have dropped 3 seeds in a cup of room temp water and none of them have spouted a tail. I remember reading on the forum people where having trouble germinating auto seeds. Any help would be appreciated. Got the seeds from ILGM

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I had issues with Blueberry seeds dropped three no go on any of them. If yours don’t germinate contact customer service. ILGM is excellent about their replacement guarantee for seeds that don’t germinate. They offered me an even replacement or a credit towards purchasing more seeds. I took the credit and was able to purchase 30 seeds for $79. They give you a dollar amount as a credit, they gave me $169.

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@registereduser ok thank you first time trying OG KUSH. I have grown Blueberry ,Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze with no problems. Last Blueberry i harvested 2 weeks ago got 4oz. i Guess it is the luck of the draw.


Here is a guide I wrote up some time ago. Hopefully you will find a step you are missing, or something that will help improve your success rate.

I have only ever had one seed sprout from soaking. I suggest going from soak to the paper towel method. Doing this I have never not had a seed sprout.

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That’s what i do in room temp water for 24 hours in the dark then in a paper towel and a zip lock bag. I guess i just got some duds. I have a Bubble Gum i started at the same time and she is growing good.Here is my Bubble gum

The key items are: getting moisture inside the seed, and a warm, dark environment. I noticed you said room temperature water. Are you giving them enough heat? Some people find putting them on top of a cable modem or router creates just the right temperature.

i put them in a closet at mid 70’s temp

Try getting that up closer to 80° and see if you have better results. That includes both the time it spends in the water soak and the time it spends sandwiched in between the moist paper towel.
Worst case, you contact ILGM and they will likely send you new ones.

OK thank you i will try it again and see what happens.

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I have had good success. This is how i do it. Seed in a small glass of tap water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. 24 to 36 hours small tail on seeds. Remove seed and place in a very damp paper towel in a zip loc bag and i put it on top of my cable modem under my tv in a cabinet. Dark and just warm enough. Check next day or two and the tail on the seed should be about 1/2 to an inch long. Take that little bitch and drop her into a clear solo cup with holes in the bottom. I put mine right into some soil that doesnt have much in the way of nutrients. I use soil from old grows nutes are used up. I use fox farm ocean forest. Put that clear cup inside a red cup with holes in the bottom. I like to soak the soil to run off a few days before i place the seed and then i dont water until the plant breaks ground a couple more days. Any watering at this point is only a spritz under the dome i create out of a half clear cup. I had some issues when i first started but have learned alot from people on this site. Hope it works for you.

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