Germinating not going well I am zero for five

Are you familiar with Inkbird Controllers. I have one that controls humidification and dehumidification. Works amazing and cost about $40

I don’t need it as I have another one that I like better.

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After the seed is cracked, do you bury it under the promix?

@MontyR no more than a half an inch, and don’t pack the soil tight ontop just gently cover and mist and put somewhere warm and dark

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Have a quick question about promix and ffof. I started my seeds in ffof only. I bought some promix today and was wondering if there is a soil mixture for ffof and promix for when i go to transplant? Please help, all opinions are helpful.

Bought the ProMix. Tomorrow I am going to wet it until it is wet throughout, put in the red cups, and make a 1/2 inch hole for the seed, cover it, and mist the covered area. I appreciate your help, if there is anything else I need to do prior to planting the seed please advise. Thanks, Monty

Don’t forget to drill plenty of drain holes at the bottom of the cup.

Create that moist soil we talked about

Put them somewhere dark and warm like a cupboard or in wifi area if that’s in a cabinet

Cover the seed, but don’t pack soil on top of. Remember to give it a jump start I soak it for 10 or 12 hours.

Check the cups soil a couple times a day, should stay good and moist for a while. Use a spray bottle if it looks dry, but it shouldn’t if you have properly wet the soil. Maybe the second day gently mist them with some water an wait. Just because you don’t see anything after 48 or 72 hours does not mean that you failed . I think this is the time you get it!! One last thing write down the date and time you planted. GOOD LUCK MONTY!!!

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Thanks for the details. I am good at following instructions. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Monty

i want to mix my own soil for my next grow using FFOF, ProMix and Perlite. What would be a good mixture ratio for an indoor 2,3 and 5 gallon fabric pots, in a 2x4x6 tent. Seedling mix ratio would be different. anyone have advice on this would really help?

I soaked the seeds for 24 hrs and now they have been planted in the cups for 24 hrs. Fingers crossed I will see something tomorrow.

If you don’t see anything tomorrow its ok don’t worry…it can take 3, 5, sometimes 7 days for some stubborn ones. Are they in a warm dark place?

How are you hanging in there @MontyR ?

FFOF is a bit too hot of a soil to be starting your seeds in. Seedlings need very little in the way of available nutrients. It’s best in my opinion to start seeds in a well drained potting soil. Solo cups work great for starting seeds, just don’t forget to make several holes for drainage in the bottom. After about 7-10 days in that solo cup they will be ready to transplant into your next, or maybe your final container, depending on how big you want to grow this gal. Once you are out of the seedling phase then you can put her in some more substantial soil.

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Hanging in there pretty well considering 7 seeds didn’t work, so I’m anxious. The cups are in with the cable box, modem, and router. It is warm in there but not hot. I just checked on them, not sprouted, I misted them (2). I will check on them around 10pm. I appreciate your coaching. Thanks, Monty

Yeah man of course I am always happy to help!! How old are the seeds you are working with? Are they bag sed or did you purchase them? You may have already told me that, so I apologize ahead of time if you already had. I would be willing to bet you are going to see something in the next day or so. Sometimes you will even see a little tiny bit of raised soil where the seed was planted, as it is beginning to push up through. Once you have germination, will these go into a tent, and under lights?

I purchased them from ILGM. I just looked at the cups, they have not sprouted yet. I misted them. Tent and lights. Thanks for staying in touch.

Have you had a look at this?

I have. Maybe I should look again. Thanks!

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@MontyR well??