Germinating new seeds


I put my new White widow auto seeds in a cup of water for almost 2 days then put them in a damp paper towel. This is day 6 now and nothing has happened. I put 1 seed directly in a damp paper towel on Saturday the 18th, skipping the cup of water part. Still nothing for any of them. What am I doing wrong?

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@Leyank86 what ph was your water?


I don’t have a tester. I just used bottled water…


@Leyank86 youll definitely want a tester. Lots of problems can be thwarted with properly ph’d watee. Perfect range is 5.8-6.5
ILGM guarantees germination as long as you follow the guidelines on the site!


I will definitely be getting one right away!!


@Leyank86 you can get them on amazon. Most people here use the $15 ones. I suggest also getting * ph up
*ph down
*ph storage solution (so sensor wont dry out)
*7.0ph solution (to test/calibrate)


Ok awesome!! Thank you for the info. I will be getting that asap! Then hopefully I can begin this process again soon!!


@Leyank86 Not an expert by any means, but I have popped 99 percent of seeds I have grown by putting them in a mix of water and H202.(peroxide 3%) 50/50 mixture of the water and the peroxide.

The peroxide gives needed oxygen to the seeds. I use the same mixture when I put them in the paper towel.
You also have to make sure the seeds are in the dark. Both if you put them in a glass and/or paper towel They wont like light and the root when it pops out wont like light either.

I put my seeds in a glass of the mix for about 12 to 24 hours. Then wether they have popped or not, I put them in the paper towel with the same mix. Usually within 48 to 56 hours from start they will pop.

Good luck


Here are the germination instructions

Follow these steps and if the seeds don’t germinate then you can get new seeds. Water for germination doesn’t need to be pH’d to meet the requirements of the guarantee.

If they don’t germinate, reply back to the email confirming your order and they will help you resolve the issues.

It also appears that the germination guide posted on the site right now is different from the one I used initially. @Leyank86

Topping auto flower

I noticed the guide says to use Miracle-Gro soil which is normally referred to here as Miracle NO. I’m confused :woman_shrugging: as @Leyank86 and others might also be.


Also temp of water matters


Thank you everyone for all the quick responses!! Seeds are now in soil, under the light! The wait begins. Tested ph, it’s at 6.5, water was room temperature.


And what temperature is room temperature? @Leyank86 Sprouts like 78 F or 25 C.


Room temperature is about 75°F. still nothing going on. 2 Seeds have been in soil for 4 days. I have one seed in paper towel and and no sprout with that one either. Following the instructions that I have been giving, not sure what’s going on.


As long as they are dark, warm and moist you are doing what you are supposed to be doing! @Leyank86


If the water is too cold the seeds die. Happened to me about a half dozen times.


Ok, so I messed up. Now that I’m reading this again, my water, room temperature, was about 66°F. I’m going to start a new seed and see how it goes. I still have the 2 seeds in the soil. Tomorrow will be a week. Should I just leave them for another week and see what happens?


@cyberblast is correct. Take the seeds and put them in water with hydrogen peroxide. I use a small cup about the size of a shot glass, so I only use a drop from a syringe that I use for pH up/down Solution. I have used this method several times now and every seed I germinated had a tail pop in the water. I didn’t even need the paper towel.


I don’t use the peroxide, but i will next time I germinate. I do use a shot glass and I keep them in water till they tail. @Leyank86

I throw a zip lock baggie over them and set them in a bowl and set all of that on top of the cable box. I usually have tails in 36-48 hours. My cable box is 78 degrees all day long.

The ones in the pot did they have tails when you put them in there?

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The seeds I have in soil did not have tails before I put them in the soil. @bob31.