Germinating my seeds

im haven trouble with get my seeds to pop so i can plant please help me

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Welcome to the community ! Drop seeds in a cup of water leave for 24 hours then go to the paper towel method folding between wet paper towel, clamshell Between Two saucers should have Sprouts within 2 days. Good luck


Here is a germination guide I wrote up for someone long ago:

And here is a link to the ILGM germination guide. There are lots of guides available at ILGM, and I encourage you to read them.

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I follow the same steps as above posters. Welcome to ILGM.

@kellydans Does the same thing as I do and I have a 100% success germination. Its not complicated at all. :+1:

You don’t need to worry about Temps because I have germinated seeds between 69 to 85 degrees with ZERO issues. In total darkness.

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I have germinated seeds that way since the 80’s it’s simple and it works.

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Germination will work throughout a very wide range, but the optimal temperatures are 77-82°F, and we want to give a beginner good advice so they have the best chances of a good start. People have grown marijuana in Miracle Grow, under blurple lights, in 45°F weather, etc. - but none of those things are optimal.

My optimum temps is 69 degrees. To each their own.

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