Germinating for Hydroponics


I was wondering if you might advise me on your preferred method of germinating for hydroponic.

I have been growing for almost seven years now with fantastic results!

But the last year has certainly been my toughest and have basically lost almost all confidence in my abilities.

So I was wondering which method you would recommend?

I am growing RDWC but have been considering going to a soilless mix like pro-mix since I have been struggling with my RDWC

Sup AGF, I recently started a single reservoir dwc myself. I germinated my seed by soaking it in a cup of water until it sank (5hours for me). Then I placed the seed in a jiffy peat pellet that I soaked in warm water. I placed the pellet with seed in a small tupperware and covered it with plastic wrap to keep the humidity up. I poked a couple of small holes in the plastic. Then I left it on my cable box to keep it warm. It took 48 hours for a sprout to pop out. I let it grow in just the pellet for 24 hours under a 23 watt cfl. The cotyledon leaves were stuck in the membrane under the shell, but I was able to free my plant of that and it perked up right away. I then transplanted the whole pellet into my 4.5" net pot with black cinder as my medium. Some people don’t like the pellets as they can tend to make a mess if the peat falls out. But I haven’t had a problem yet. It’s been 8 days since it sprouted and she is doing fine. I can see root growth in my cinders. Hope this helps your confidence. Especially since this is only my second grow, and first in hydro.

Best way to start seeds for Hydro is using rockwool. Once rooted with exposed roots, you can place the rooted seedling directly into any hydroponic system :slight_smile:

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A fellow grower says:

Hi Latewood,

Thank you, what is the water retention for rockwool? I run RDWC and have been
struggling of late with root rot that forms is “air space” between the
solution and my pots. I came to this conclusion; Used to root in peat,
vermiculite and perlite mix. Once rooted I used to wash the roots
clean(as clean as possible) and then transplant into net pots with
hydroton BUT, where the slightest bit of soil matter remained there I
would get root rot! And figured that because the peat mix retains
moisture it causes a slight overwatering effect, but at the same time I
must say that my drippers runs continuesly and have wondered if I should
put them on a timer. I also just want to add that this is how I feed my family and that I have
been going through a rough patch regarding my grows and have been
suffering financially because of it. So any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I
have been growing for seven years now in a country where you don’t have
the luxury of a grow shop specialist to assist when times get tough, if
you know what I mean… I have ordered 80 seeds from you guys with the hope that it will assist with getting me back on track with my harvest cycles. Regards,

My 1st inclination is to inform you that RDWC is no a good idea. If you have DWC you close off a res in the dark, and supply oxygenation through an air pump in order to allow for maximum oxygen in the rootzone; By applying continuous drip, you smother the roozaone; Much like water boarding…

DWC works great without a Drip. If you want to drip; Build a system that is providing your plants with nutrients and Oxygen in a balanced application.

If you want to recirculate with a drip; Invest in Bato buckets.

You brought up feeding your family. I have a website dedicated to helping people grow Table Food. Let me know if you want to share ideas. Peace, and Happy Grwoing :slight_smile:

Hi Latewood. Thank
you for your support and advice. I have run my system without the
drippers in the past. But found that my humidity dropped way to low than
the required range probably because there is not all that moisture on
the surface of the hydroton that I get compared to when the drippers are
running. Is this normal or should the plants be evaporating enough
moisture to keep the humidity within range? I live in a very arid area
that’s very warm in the summer and very cold in the winter. So the air
that I am venting into my room is a bit on the dry side and winter is
upon us. Any suggestions other than humidifiers (that sometimes requires
more water than the plants)? Next
question, since the seeds ordered are yours, I was wondering if it
might be possible if you can maybe give me some tips and hints on the
different strains ordered. For example, growing method(soil, Hydro,
promix) Temps and humidity, Supercrop, top, lollipop, days in veg and
best veg lighting( I have 400’s, 600’s and 1000’s MH and HPS and Cfl’s )
to be exact 9* 1000watt, 6600watt and around 9400watt. I am not using
all at the moment but have all the equipment. Maybe suggest how you
would make use of this? Germinate under Cfls and then move your way up?
Basicaly Latewood I am trying to look for anything in finer detail that
will assist me in maximising my yield! I ordered 40 * Super Silver Haze(FEM), 20 * Super Skunk(FEM), 20 * White Widow(FEM) Again thank you for your support it’s the first time that I have the opportunity to get this type of support! God bless you!

To latewood:

the shortest time in hydroponics to go from seed to beginning of
flower. I am trying to determine what is the shortest timeframe for
germination, seedling stage and veg before I can switch to flower. Im
pressed for time and need to get the first seeds into flower as quick as
possible and will let the rest of the seeds veg for longer, but for now
time is everything.

@latewood , could you help out here?

You are asking about a lot o0d different things. Did you download and read our Free Grow Bible? If not, please do.

Rockwool has a pretty high water retention level; Look it up. :slight_smile:

I see why you use RDWC now. Can you not get a humidifier? You are right in realizing low RH is bad for vegging plants.

Please find “Support ticket” and copy/paste it in your next post. I do not mind helping you out, but I am not into designing a room for you. If you provide me with a Support ticket; I will look it over and make suggestions. peace

Hi Latewood,

I have dropped my seeds in water yesterday. 29Super Silver Haze, 13White Widow and 20*Super Skunk. Planning to sprout them in Rockwool starter plugs 40mm x 36mm. Used to germinate in jiffy plugs (coco peat) want to try something different because of the high water retention the jiffy’s tend to get water locked with my RDWC system(If I leave the Jiffy’s on) and I end up with rot problems, also used to wash the jiffy soil off after my clones have rooted or my seeds have sprouted but have also been having problems with that of late(too much stress for the little ladies and too much recovery time that I cant afford).

Have taken your advice and will not be running the recirculating drippers on my DWC system!

But last night I read some pretty worrying things about Rockwool (don’t know if the post/article was more aimed at promoting GHE’s Rapid Rooters) but according to them Rockwool is the worst thing to use for germination because of its low success rate, High water retention, susceptible to mould/algae, PH problems and root rot ???

I understand how to adjust the PH and prepare the Rockwool and that Rockwool has a good water to air ratio when watered correctly but are all those negative points true?

If possible please can you give me the do’s and don’ts for Rockwool


Thank you

This is the support ticket from AfricanGreenFinger;

Strain: Super Silver Haze, White Widow, Super Skunk
Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor
Size of space: Flower Room 15m2, Mother Room 12m2
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
Medium used: Hydroton
PH: 5.9 (RO WATER)
EC/TDS ppm levels:0.6-1.4
Temperature: 19-24 degrees Celsius
Humidity %: between 40-58
Light system/watts? Mother Room 1600watt MH electronic ballast+11000watt MH electronic ballast + 45watt cfl, Flower Room 8*1000watt HPS electronic ballast


I am wondering what strain to get for a hydroponic system. This is my first grow ever. Also how to germinate. I have about a 3ft grow cabinet w a 6 pot tray. I was looking at pineapple haze. Thanks.

You best grow 2-3 Auto Flower plants. Perhaps White Widow. That is a small space to grow in, so you will want a fast finishing plant. Auto Flower genetics finish in 65-80 days approximately.