Germinating auto seed

Not sure what to do. I used the wet paper towel in a sandwich bag trick to germinate. This is as far as it got in 4 full days. Can i plant like this ? Its a VIP Taison auto seed.

sure you can plant it like that


How should i ? The last time i plabted like this it nvr sprouted

maybe you over watered last time? Once you plant it you should just spray it with a mister a couple times a day to keep the soil moist…then do the same for the first week or so after the seedling comes up.

More than likly did overwater. How long does it take to sprout usually by doing it this way ?

To be sure plant it now “side-ways” that way you don’t plant it up-side-down

varies by the seed… usually 2-10 days will do it

So plant it on its side about a knuckle down into soil and just spray the soil with a water bottle ?


you got it !!! if you have a root stimulator (great white, ect)( containes Mychrrohiza ) use at least 3 weeks but really feed 1x a week till week 4 of flower . This stuff builds a great root ball = bigger plant !!! Gremination stage can last 1-2 weeks after which the Seedling stage is next which last 1-2 weeks and then you are in the vegation stage of growth

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I would only plant it down a quarter of an inch, half inch tops any further and it may never come up don’t know why…

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Thats what i want to know ,thanx :wink:

??? Im putting mine inch.

So you shell wait longer for your baby to pop through the soil. … :wink:
1/4 inch to 1/2 inch is all that’s needed… :wink:

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