Germinated seed

I wanted to know if this germinated seed look healthy or could there be a fungus going on ? Pythiam fungus? Or normal

Can’t tell with no picture bud lol


the picture LOL

I’m my opinion I would be planting that it looks like it’s starting to rot the root of plant before it’s to late but get a back up opinion as well on this

How do I fix the problem. Should I dry it out? Maybe put a little hydrogen peroxide and in the water to kill the bacteria.

From what i have read that needs to be planted. But I’m a novice.

I’d plant it to avoid any thing and take a cap full of hydrogen peroxide and mix it in a water bottle and dump it into the seedling and that should help kill all bacteria

Why are you posting that to me lol

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All good just caught me by surprise when I seen it was posted to me lol

The peroxide won’t harm it? Thanks for your help.

I don’t believe so as it is a form of co2 and when that’s given to a plant what’s not used is turned into a dissolved water, or something like that, but whatever’s left just turns into water so in my opinion it wouldn’t hurt it, but to be safe if you don’t wanna try that just plant it and give it a full bottle of water once a day in the morning and let it get sunlight all day and with the water id water every other day of your giving a full bottle of water of course that depends on how dry soil is

Hydrogen peroxide is like water, H2O, but with an extra oxygen molecule, H2O2, and so as roots need and like oxygen, in small amounts it can be good for germinating seeds and keeping bad anaerobic (literally means “living without air”) microbes at bay.

A drop or two of the stuff above per 8oz of water would be fine and maybe beneficial for the above stated reasons, but too much H2O2 and it will also oxidize healthy living root tissue, so be sure not to over do it.

In hydroponics and some other types of growing, some do use an even stronger type of H2O2/hydrogen peroxide, but even this is often highly diluted in large hydroponic reservoirs.

But when you go from 3% to 29%, as you can see, it really needs to be diluted or it could even be problematic for your skin, as seen by the fact that this kit includes gloves, lol.

Happy growing,


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So I was I partially on the right track at least, so if I was to run across this problem with another fellow grower I can help them as well, and I usually use the 3% h2o2 cause as you said it doesn’t over do it in those increments

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Yes, you were at least half right, lol.

But it good to note, we don’t wan’t CO2(carbon dioxide) in the roots, but we do want O2(oxygen) at the roots, at least some.


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Lol right and half right is better than not right at all haha :smile: which oxygen comes from the semi dry soil, if I’m not mistaken

Correct, all the air pockets from a well draining soil helps oxygen get to the roots.

It is interesting that plants are opposites when it comes to above the ground and below the ground, they like darkness and oxygen below ground at their roots and carbon dioxide and light above ground at their leaves.



I hear ya I wish I could be a plant for a day to see how they live lol, only if it was possible, yes I find that extremely interesting how that works. I used to water every day until About 2 years ago when I started the commercial growing where you water it once the soil drys from top to bottom of the pot/planter, I found that to be far better resulting with much bigger yeilds, and better yeilds also made the plants much healthier always done it since then as we were just talking about it creates oxygen pockets in the roots which explains why when you water when completely dry the soil kinda bubbles cause it let’s water into those oxygen pockets and to the roots

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on that note have heard interesting things about using air curtain in soil any thoughts?
@Dkeys here’s a little light reading for you :slight_smile: Using Hydrogen Peroxide in your Hydroponic Garden - Step by Step Hydroponics
2 things to keep in mind when using h2o2 it kills any bacteria good bad it doesn’t care 2nd it is very effective for most bacterial issues.

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