Germinated seed upside down

I’m really new at this, I germinated two seeds using the soaking method. After a few days the tap root emerged and I planted them in potting soil.

OK here’s the question. One of my seeds was accidentally planted upside down and the tap root emerged from the soil… I carefully dug it out and replaced it right side up…do you think it will be OK?

Welcome Ed,
It should be. I have had times with my pellets where I ended up burying the seeds too deep(stupid pellets…or farmer error…could be lol). I was able to go in there and bring them closer to the surface and it worked out fine. You should be ok.

Thanks for the reply Sativa, this is my first time… If I can get these Reggie seeds to the veg stage then I’ll definitely give it try with some exotic seeds


@Edward7983 VERY smart to use bag seeds before using the good ones! I recommend this for any new grower to do! And I think your seedling should be fine, as long as the tap root wasn’t damaged in the flipping process you should see a sprout in a few days. Good luck dude, and feel free to ask any questions that may arise, the guys on the forum are awesome!