Germinated June 19

So 5 of these girls all planted same day, same watering same everything. One of them silver haze decided to go nuts while the other 2 same did not. I was crunching stalk to loosen it up to bend over as it is at the light. I noticed the stalk split vertically and plant bent at 90 degree angle I cane back an hour later and it’s partially back up did I get lucky or will I still lose it?

the back row from left is gelato, silver haze X2. Front row candy (planted 2 weeks later) Bruce Banner and another silver haze.

I would try and put take around it. You can also use aloe to help the healing process.

thanks for the aloe advice as you see it worked. At first I got scared and put a tyrap on as a splint and last night it was wilted and hanging straight down.

Kyle would have been proud of you

Do I dare try again but this time 2 ? Will to do more damage than good? Still don’t get it why only one plant went nuts and the others did what I wanted.

Day 54 flower Gelato back left, super silver haze remaining back and front right, Bruce Banner middle front and candy Kush front left. All plants received same everything. Very disappointed in the Bruce Banner.

Any clues to why the top water leaves look like so bad while rest of it looks great?