Germinated, but died soon seeds

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Ya, 3seeeds germinated put them in small pot about size of 8-10ounce cup. One in each pot. 2 germinated with napkin and third soaked in water for 24. These pot are the kind you can bury with the plant so there’s no transplant(like card board). Put them in kellogs family organic garden soil. Indoors using a closet had 1000w, 300wand2-45w grow lamp (led). Closet upstairs lined with foil about 2ftx4ft. After germination planted and all became seedlings. At first they looked fine, then lowest round leaves started to turn yellow.PH was about 7-7.5. Soil seemed like it was dry watered a bit more no change thought maybe too much, lessened amount of water plants started to dry up, everyday leaves got more yellow not only bottom leaves but all.Watered 1-2 a day. Soil seemed dry when the bottom leaves started to get shriveled and dryed up. Watered more. I guess it was too late they all ended up dying. I never thought a weed could be so technical to grow. Why is it weeds can grow with out hardly any soil or nutrients almost any where you don’t want them and here I want it to grow and it won’t(funny). Well that’s the gist of it. Hope that info tells you something so you can tell me something about where I went wrong.

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Please insert a photo better you will be given by using

Moc vody, Power of water

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The big thing that stood out to me was the ph 7 7.5
That alone was enough to kill them off.

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I think 1000w ++ of leds in a 2x4 tent probably contributed.


How were your temps in the space? and indeed ph and lighting may have both factored quite heavy


pH was definitely a problem.

It seems like your water may have led to a nitrogen lock out. You would not believe how important pH is for a good harvest.

For the lighting, the 1000w is too intense for seedlings. CFL lights would be fine for them to start. You can hook up the bad boy after you transition from seedling to vegetative growth.

Sorry not sure how to copy paste with phone. Here is some more info, strain purple Haze. They were in those cardboard pots that can be planted so there’s no transplant. No added nutrients, had no vent sys, not sure temp but lately we’ve had temps high75 low54. Thanks to all for helping Bigdummy

I wouldn’t have thought rain water would be bad, I’ll have to check tap to see if it’s has a lower pH, Thanks for helping Big dummy.

Next time, definitely get a thermometer & humidity meter. With that light set-up, I bet your tent’s temps were in the high 80’/low 90’s, too. Also, invest in a pH meter & pHup/pHdown.

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Rain water values change depending on your location. Some is more acidic that other due to pollution and other environmental factors.