Germinate marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors?


Is it best to germinate marijuana seeds indoors and transplant them outdoors or just sow them directly in the ground? After they start growing do you just let nature take its course or do you baby them like indoor marijuana plants? When is the best time to start the garden?

It really all depends. Marijuana seeds that make it past germination and into the first few weeks of outdoor life will likely grow larger than marijuana plants that were germinated indoors. But, surviving the first few weeks isn’t easy. In addition, it’s much more efficient to plant only female clones, which are produced indoors.

Whether inside or outside, marijuana plants still need water, light, nutrients, CO2, and a well-drained medium. If you can meet those needs, the plant will thrive. Under the best circumstances, it doesn’t require that much effort to supply all of these things to the plant. By contrast, many cannabis growers have to invest a lot of time to make sure their marijuana plants grow in satisfactory conditions.