Germinate and grow to about an inch but that's it. Plus half of them grew tall and then fell over and stopped growing. Help!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I purchased 20 seeds a while back “this year” and had no luck getting them to take off. I got them to germinate and grow to about an inch but that’s it. Half of them telegraphed “Long stems” but that’s it. I did everything per instructions on ILGM’s grow page but no luck with getting results. Would appreciate any coaching from anyone on how to be successful in getting results. I was able to get them to germinate but the plants didn’t grow past an inch. Plus half of them grew tall and then fell over and stopped growing.”

What do you have for a light? Its looks way to high. They are not getting enough light.

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Once they got to the hight in the pictures… you should have put them in a solo cup with drainage holes or a 1 gallon pot … those little peet pods are hard to maintain and are to easy to over water…
I think your plants just needed a new home…
Also that light would have been better at about 8 inches high from your plants… :wink:

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If you lower your light down it should help them from stretching out so much.
It could be that they reached the bottom of those starter blocks and couldn’t spread there roots out anymore to grow.
After I germinate the seeds I put them in small peat pots (approximately twice the size of what you have) and then after a couple of weeks they go into 5 gallon buckets so the roots can grow out. I have had %100 success rate using his method. (But everyone does it differently)