Germanation of seeds

Seeds been soaking for about 60 hours and no joy as of this writing, getting worried, seeds are Bruce Banners auto flowers, don’t see any tails, any advice. Been keep in the dark and followed instructions

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Move to a wet paper towel in a sandwich bag.


In the dark ? I have never seen this before, I have read that autos especially BB are finicky what I read someplace here on this site

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Contact customer services if you are having problems germinating. They will make good on bad seeds.


Not worried about that even if they do, I am all dressed up but no place to dance that’s my only worry

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Try what I advised. Keep seeds in the dark until they sprout a root. Plant as soon as you do see root.

That’s a long time for a seed to be in water. Some people add peroxide to the mix. I soak my seeds for a day or so and in the case of bag seeds, I go to the paper towel. I usually see roots in a few days.


I bought the auto flowers seeds pack that came with 3 strains and BB was one of them. i also have come here for the same issue. put 1 of each in cups with water and the other 2 sprouted but the bruce banner has not.

Yep do that thing what he said and if it’s salvageable that should work

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@Olddognewtrick Temperature of liquid plays a roll as well. Try putting them on top of the fridge or over a germination pad.
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Just stick them straight into moist soil in a solo cup, and put a baggie over them. Works practically every time. May be to late for these.

Lol like 5 different answers


I am having the same problem with the Bruce Bannon seeds. Been in water 55 hours and nothing. Its warm and dark and I have had no luck getting in touch with customer service. My other strains sprouted in less than 30 hours, so I know I was doing it right.

This was germinated in a paper towel in the dark now at 7th week of flower

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I soaked gorilla glue and bruce banner in water, supposedly the best way… Well 72 hours and the BB show no signs. 4 of the 5 GG had a tiny root (1/8 inch or so) at day 1 and at day 3 was still the same… So I moved everything to the wet paper towel method… Within 8 hours or so the GG with the tiny root showed marked growth and I went ahead and planted. Im thinking soaking in water is very bad advice. I started 5 GSC in wet paper towels along with BB and last GG… Will see if there’s better results…

Not encouraged by the not able to get customer service though…

All feminized, auto’s…

All the GSC germinated and have now sprouted in dirt. 4 out of 5 GG have sprouted. I got one BB to germinate so far and its sprouted in dirt also… So out of 15 seeds from the mixed auto seed pack 11 are growing. The remaining 4 BB’s are in wet paper towels and sitting on my WIFI router, Im hoping the little warmth might get the 4 BB to germinate…

Hi @scuubbs and welcome to the forum community. JUST noticed this post as it’s embedded within someone else’s post. You should start a new post of your own for a “journal” to keep track of dates germinated, dates sprouted, what you’ve done along the way and someone will probably post a support ticket for you to fill out in your journal so there’s a “baseline” of information for folks to go off of when giving advice. happy growing

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