Geoflora Nutrients good for cannabis?


Hey everyone, I just got this free sample in the mail. So does anyone know anything about this product? It’s Dry Organic Nutrients. So basically I’m wondering if it would be good for cannabis? Do you know anyone who has used it or used it yourself? It seems like a rather new product, I couldn’t find a whole lot about it. Looks like it has good stuff in it though. I’m thinking of trying it out if it’s good for bud. Just looking for some feedback on it. Perhaps on the ingredients. Any input at all would be great, thanks.


I have never heard off it mate but as for Organic nutrients it seems to have what you need it’s the granules also would they work quickly enough it need for a deficiency but they do look the part someone mush know about the brand tho we’ll see. :v:


New one to me but I’ll start checking it out later. Thanks for sharing it. Did you sign up somewhere to get the free sample?


My girlfriend got the sample in the mail and she gave it to me. I searched online couldn’t find anything to get anymore.


Don’ panic! when it’s organic…
if your pH is correct…don’t worry
npk 3-5-5 for bloom…to high