GEO Tagged Photos

I have been leery of posting any pictures because of Geo Tagging. I heard on the News one day that growers have been busted because the pictures they posted are Geo Tagged. This led the police right to where the photo was taken. Is this preventable?

Any time one put anything on-line - it can be brought back up (your “foot-print”)

just a suggestion .don’t show any pict"s that are over mistermener in your state .in my area 21 plants unlicensed or more is instant felony…

The laws in my state are one of the worst in the nation, so that’s not a good idea. I do understand that the geotag information is within the metadata of the file. If Location Services is turned off would my photos no longer have that information in the metadata of the photo?

another quote from “oldgoat”

that?" Well, first you right click the picture before you upload it to ANYWHERE. (Just in case) Choose properties down at the bottom of the long menu. Once the properties opens, click on the Details tab at the top. That will get you this image… Click on the little blue Remove Properties and Personal Information link to go back to the previous screen. Once there, click on the circle next to Remove the following properties from this file. That will allow you to scroll down through the properties and check all those you wish to remove. Then, click on ok and you’re image will no longer point to your grow. Just a heads up from a puter geek. "

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That would be on a Windows OS. How about a Mac? And like I asked before about Location Services, if that was turned off while taking pictures with an iPhone?

if your that worried use a plain didgital camera - -no gps on them leave the m/y/d unset ‘’ AND one last thought i personally have never heard of any one getting busted for posting picts on a MJ. forum .

We probably don’t life in the same state. I like the idea of an older digital camera. I have one of those!

Not only that how could anyone prove it has thc or is even a pot plant
how do you do testing on a photograph ?

In the US, the pic would be enough (probable cause) to get a search warrant. I’d use caution when uploading pics if I were you! I need to take some pics myself.

Rock on growers,


Thanks StonerGolfer 2xs. Just this past summer a kid had a grow with plants in his backyard. The knucklehead post it on Instagram. It was reported in the news with an interview with the local police how they were able to go right to his house using the GPS data in the photo he uploaded. Let’s say it didn’t end well for the kid!

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