Genetically modified


This is the first time I have brought, Genetically modified seeds, and have been amazed at the way these plants grow, my question is ,[if we have any genetic botanist on board] one of my plants it grows leaves out of the older leaves, how do they change the genetics to do that ,


Those are Gmo cannabis seeds ?


@Dr.DankThumb420, sorry but what are GMO seeds


@Coltfire genetically modified organisms aka gmo.


@Dr.DankThumb420 ,so I should be in for a good smoke,the seed was called lsd25.


Ive never heard of gmo cannabis seeds. You could be lol, but then again gmo food isnt healthy


@Dr.DankThumb420 ,its not the food you need to watch , its the oil


I have not seen these. I hope you are planning a grow journal, because Id love to follow.



I would avoid them like a plague myself, on principal, but I’m very curious.


As i would too @Dumme i try not to eat gmos


As Dumme said LIKE THE PLAGE it self … one thought is a gmo cross pollination . And what was the modified organism that was used in this strain …??? Dig this early on dna from a fire fly was introduced to tobacco ,So it would glow in low level lite when it needed watering … Cool effect but not sure id smoke it ,just saying .:slight_smile: