Genetic weaklings or super girls?

Hi there, first time ILGM customer. Seeds incoming, can’t wait. I have a question about some clones I bought in Ca and brought to AZ too grow. I have 10 OG kush, 10 wedding cake.

I brought them home late march, potted them up and put them in my outside GH. The OG started flowering almost immediately and I have 4 sweet OZs from the plants. I trimmed all the buds and cut about half the main stalk leaving the plants ten to twelve inches high. The light is now increasing a lot every day (almost 16 hours) half the plants died off but the others look to be going back to veg, new leaves and beginning to grow again.

My concern is the leaves all are missing the serration on the edge. In fact they don’t even look like MJ. If I can keep them going through a new veg cycle will they be OK or some kind of weak sisters that I shouldn’t waste time on. The cycles line up perfectly for outdoor as the ten wedding cakes will be trimmed in the next week or so.

If I can make them start over will it be an advantage or not. I have a large acreage so space isn’t really an issue. I just don want to waste time and resources on a lost cause. I made cuttings of each which are doing well, but I would like to know if I can really have a perpetual plant that gets bigger and stronger. I have an indoor setup for winter but that space will be limited.

Thanks for any help from anyone I look forward to participating in this community.


pictures are worth there weight in bud here. I am sure someone would be able to answer if you provided pics.

Definitely let those ladies finish the reveg!

They should produce the same/ if not close to the same smoke as the mother. Clones are genetically identical.

The other fingers to the leaves will return as she gets back into full veg. They throw one finger ones at the start.

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Thanks, I was hoping they had all the potential of the originals even though the original gals were a bit disappointing. Was probably my fault as it was a two day drive home and they went from the growers hydroponics to soil with some light depravation in between. Good to know that the fingers and lack of serration is normal. The clones I made looked like normal plants, thats what confused me.

Is there a reason half died? I was thinking not enough light to switch back over. I don’t have electric to my greenhouse yet so it is what it ia as far as the light goes for now.

Still working on pictures as I don’t have a cellphone. I’ll work on getting someone to let me use theirs.


Your first cuts were possibly in veg. Not yet budding so full veg.

After bloom then harvest, ur doing whats called revegging. Its going back into that state.

Some clones just die. Its weird man. Half mine dont make it. But thats why we take multiple cuttings right? Lol.

Also light intensity isnt super important when rooting clones. Thats not what killed them more then likely.

More importantly are u revegging cuttings? Or the remainder of the plant on the stalk? Either way, they are older then most plants that size and will eat at the rate of the parent.

I am revegging the remainder of the plant on the stalks. Was hoping they would get bigger this time. I plan on doing the same thing to the wedding cake after I trim off the buds.

As for my cuttings I put them in small peat pots in phototrons, 30 days of 24 hour light in a different location, about half have made it through the transplant into bigger pots into the sun last week. Thanks for the bench mark, I should be happy with half as they may turn into something nice.

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That is normal for a reveg, takes a while to get back to normal growth.