Genetic on ILGM

I was looking into the sativa mix pack but I was wondering if anyone knows the breeders being these cuts of super lemon, strawberry kush and chocolope. If anyone does or has grown these and has any pictures of the plants/bud or have opinions I’d appreciate it.

ILGM Super Lemon Haze. Smells like lemons, very energetic, socializing strain. I love this for Summer.



@Covertgrower how tall did she get? Knowing the set up I’ve been using for my sugar black rose would I be suit to grow one?

Also did you have to tie them up because she got to heavy or was that just a choice

@Hello777hi she got about 3ft, and I had to tie her up after she started packing on weight. For being sativa dominant in effects, she’s a fast finisher. She finished before my Maui Wowie, and Fire Og.

You can control height by just switching to 12/12 a little sooner. There really wasn’t much stretching with this phenotype.

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