Generate new CO2 exchange, cold air

A question from a fellow grower:

I just started to take up indoor growing. Medium scale. I’ve got 4 plants ( 3 AK and 1 Purple Kem OG ) anyways they are in my grow tent in 3 gallon smart pots. I’m using coco Coir with perlite currently for my soilless medium. Growing currently under 1 400 watt MH for veg and HPS for flower. Only question i really had was, if the air outside is pretty cold( like 40 degrees) how would I generate the new c02 exchange if I run the risk of damaging the plants with air that is too cold and low on humidity.

CO2 only works at temp’s of 80% - 40% to cold for CO2 to work. Would not use

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I just started a new grow & I’ve been looking all over YouTube & other places about introducing co2 to my girls … I’ve tried making co2 with baking soda & vinegar in a container , but it seems to only last for less than 30 min & very little co2 for my 2’x4’ tent , also tried sugar , yeast & warm water , but same problem , it just don’t last …
So I just recently saw where you can take plain carbonated water , no sodium , or flavorings , just spring water & co2 for carbonation… My question is has anyone ever heard of spraying some of that soda water directly onto the leaves of my plants ??? I only saw it one place , but the person said it’s like your plants mainlining co2 …
Has anyone else ever herd of doing this ??? IF so can you put too much on & overdose your plant with co2 ???

Over 10 years ago i had a friend use used paintball co2 cylinder and a cheap reg off it to slowly release the co2 over night.
I even heard of a soda stream bottle (cylinder hehe i should know better) to feed extra c02 in but back then im sure it was used over flowering. I have brewed beer near the vent air inlet before and i am sure i helped alittle :confused:
But you have got me thinking, I think i will give the paintball cylinder ago only really centred on 1 plant to see if it works or not. Can’t hurt to try.