General questions

Been at this for a couple years, taken down a bunch of plants. Have some observations on my grows.

  1. My plants never seem to get very tall. I have two lights in my 4 x 4 tent. One 240 watt hlg and a 250 watt LED. If it is a light issue a new light is not in the budget right now. Any other ideas.
  2. I have been in 5gal fab pots. Root balls of my plants are very small not sure why. I use ffof soil and ff nutes.
  3. What are your thoughts on reusing soil?

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Soil is cheap; no real reason to reuse and a myriad of problems can occur with used soil.

Over-fertilizing will do it, sounds like sufficient light but if running flower spectrum you may have shorter plants. Vegging longer with photoperiods will get you larger plants. Running a soilless mix like coco or Promix will get you more growth.

I grow in 3 gallon fabric pots and typically yield 12 oz of cured flower per plant.


I had some issues with the cold floor when i moved to my new place, I put some foam insulation board under the spill tray in my tents and it’s back to normal. That first grow i noticed that the roots weren’t very thick down at the very bottom


Thanks for your input. I meant to mention these are ILGM photos. Been vegging about 4 weeks. Whats the norm?

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4 weeks is about the minimum. But its completely up to the grower. I veg mine around 2 months usually and have to fight them to keep em short.

Give em a 7 or 8 week veg next go around. Just keep the eventual stretch in mind with concerns to you tent/light height.


Pretty much what I do but also go by size. I’m SCROG’ing two of mine and normally need a couple of weeks to train them into the screen before flipping.


Feed it to some composting worms, roots and all. Cannabis roots are a great source of phosphorus and potassium and the worms love them. Then after a few months put em all back to work in your garden.

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