General question

Question from a fellow grower:

I am a rookie, but I have a passion to learn more about growing. I got
some seeds from another place, not sure if male or female. After a ton
of unsuccessful attempts, I have finally got 2 healthy plants growing. I
have ordered from y’all, and I am excited about getting my order. I
will not order from the other place again. I think I have a good
growing environment…CFL lights, humidifier “blowing” on the plants,
reflective material around the inside walls of the “nursery”. I am not
sure about how to prune, as I have seen many different ways to do so.
My biggest baby is only about 4 inches tall, and it has 4 layers of
leaves. It is very compact, I assume because I have kept it close to
the light…but I’m not sure how to care for it now to get a good
harvest. It has some “suckers” in between the branch sets. Can you
give me a little advice?

First off don’t prune yet and is it an auto flower? if it isn’t an auto wait until 5th set of true leave then top/pinch this will promote your plant growing 2 tops rather than 1. However the smaller the plant the more any topping trimming or fimming will slow it down if it’s an auto don’t top trim basically let it grow.
You can begin feeding but start with 1/4 of recommended dose half if you feel lucky, the first couple times you feed your plant will be sensitive.

Now by (suckers) between branch sets if they are bugs try diatomatious earth for pest control food grade if you can find it dust plant and surroundings. Or check out guides you will find lots of tips there.

Thank you! No, it is not an auto-flower. I have been feeding some, not a lot, and my plants seem to like it. Thank you for the pruning advice. :smile: