General Planting Questions

Hello all! This is my very first grow, I’ve started my seedlings indoors and plan on moving them outdoors after about 5 weeks, so far is off to a great start, but I have some questions. For starters I germinated a mix of about 10 different seeds, and planted them all in FFOF in solo cups under a flour scent grow light. All of the plants, except for one possibly burned plant, look amazing with about 2/3 inches of growth at day 5/6. My main question comes down to how I’m going to grow these plants, with two options, growing in the raised planters in my backyard, or growing in fabric pots in the backyard in FFOF. I am asking because I am skeptical about the soil quality in my raised beds; the soil hadn’t been used for growing in a good couple of years until last year my dad tried growing a couple of buds in the planters that didn’t turn out so well (mixture of human error such as no nutes, forgotten watering etc.). I tested the ph of the soil and it came in at 6.8-7.0, but was filled with rocks and clay, and seemed super heavy and wet at under a foot deep. If I plan on growing in these beds can I dig holes for planting and fill them with FFOF and be okay, or do I need to till/ completely refurbish the beds soil quality by mixing nutes and FFOF into the entire bed. I know this is a very specific question but I would like to know whether in ground or in fabric pots would be the best/easier/cheaper solution for me. I am looking to grow the healthiest plants I can so pros and cons for both would be amazing. I definitely look forward to hearing what people have to teach and thank you for your responses!:slight_smile:

Also, I am in Michigan for those wondering about the outdoor grows climate

This is perfectly acceptable.

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