General organics. to ph or not?

General organics says no need to ph with their nutes, (floral series) should i at least ph water before adding nutes? thx everyone

Always ph after adding nutes no matter what they say in my opinion. Most that say that only means that it wont change the ph once added to water but to be safe I would ph after adding

Thx, I did ph the nutes, it was way low, around 4,8, , I think I have the hang of this, when ya make ph changes to the nutes, it throws the ppm off, so a little of this and that and that and this and it gets in the range, I had to ph at 6.0, and ppm was a lil over a 1000, with that my run off ppm was 867 ,ph was 6.2, hopefully the girls are happy with that, first feed and they were very hungry

867 and 6.2 for run off is not that bad. I think u will be in good shape where ur at.
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