General lighting question

Just a general question about lighting throughout the grow. What are the specs as far as should the plants in veg have more light than when in flower or is it flip flop not sure think I burnt my plants with too much light towards the end of the grow.

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Run my lights at 100% during flowering stage.


PPFD may not mean a lot to you, but the relative comparison is useful.

PPFD levels for the various stages.

300 PPFD: seedlings
600 PPFD: veg
800 PPFD: flowering

You can also look at it from a relative lumens perspective. These numbers are made up, but the relative comparison is helpful.

Seedlings: 20,000 lux
Veg: 40,000 lux
Flowering: 50,000 lux


So my assumption was correct. Less early more light when in flower. Thanks for the info.


Iā€™d agree with everything @MidwestGuy posted above. Unless running a perfect environment and Co2 dont go over 1000 ppfd in flower

I am a first grower. I started with outside seedlings but we are now heading into autumn.
So I purchased a Giixer LED grow light and got it all hooked up.

Question: does one keep the grow light on 24/7 or should the light mimic natural day light, if that is true, any recommendations on how many growth light hours to encourage growth? Should I turn on the red light to encourage bud growth now, or wait till buds occur?

Any advice is appreciated.

The biggest reason for wanting more light intensity in flower is because the lights are usually not on for as long. So the total amount of daily energy would go down in flower without increasing the intensity.


I believe the general consensus is plants need a break for optimum performance. Some will push autos with a 20/4 light schedule from start to finish. I would say most stick to traditional 18/6 schedule for both autos and vegging photos. Some also advocate breaking up lights off into shorter periods throughout a 24 hour period.

I completely agree.

917 PPFD for flower IF you flip to 12/12 in flower.

If 18/6 (autoflower) 615 PPFD is plenty. (Keeping DLI @~40)

Probably go higher with CO2

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Thanks so much for info