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So im using the 3 part series by gh and am having trouple with the ppm. My ph out of tap is something around 4.8 but i ph to 6.2 should i phing before i add my nutes. Ive been adding nutes then phing and getting way to high of a ppm at around 1500 ppm idk what im doing wrong please help

Hey there @Josh1126 can you tell me some more about your plants like how old what strain what they are growing in, there is a basic attachment so that you can fill in these details let me see if I can get you some help with that part and we can take it from there ok. Ah @Countryboyjvd1971 could you please post ticket mate.

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Here you go.

Support Ticket

COPY/PASTE the below list into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

If you can, upload a picture of your plant. It helps the diagnosis, if needed.

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you


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Strain; bag seed

Soil in pots

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 5.8

What is strength of nutrient mix? thought it was going in at 150 ppm but didnt notice in the corner of my meter a times ten flashing so actual strength was 1500

Indoor or Outdoor indoor but transplanting outdoors when weather breaks

Light system, size? 1 1000w led

Temps; na, na growing in bedroom my house is usually anywhere from 68-70 degrees

Humidity; na,na

Ventilation system; small clip on fan

Co2; , No

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i know this plant looks a little funky trying something like a mainline

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@Johnzy81 they are in there 2nd week of veg in soil from my yard not the best decision ive ever made its got alot of clay in it

Thank you @raustin for the help out :+1:

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@Josh1126 have or can you get some Ph readings and you need to get your PPM down to around 800-850 when you are in Veg and I would try get some sort of soil or even add plenty of perlite to help it drain away properly. I can’t emphasise enough about the p h readings they can help rule out a lot of some of the problems that you might come across :v:

I was putting in the ph around 5.8 but was told for soil it should be around 6.5 so im working on that slowly i mixed up all the nutrients i use tonight so i can take pics hopefully of the ph and ppm if youd like @Johnzy81


heres the phin the bottom left is flashing a x10 so right now its at like 1300 ppm and i have no idea how i can get that down besides dumping water out and refilling it then phing again

That’s exactly it @Josh1126 if you can get your Ph up to 6.5 that is the let’s say sweet spot for soil and with your PPMs the only real way to bring them down is to flush the soil, do you have anything in your Soil to help you with your drainage??

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I added alittle potting mix when i did a flush the other day to hopefully help out some im just hoping once i get them in the ground outside they can bounce back

I have never grown outside mate, but you were worried about the PPMs the soil that you added do you know if it had any EC reading on it it could be part off the reason for it I do note that you have said potting soil which can also mean Rooting Soil which I do not think has a high level of nutrients to bring if up no harm in checking tho, is your way off thinking, that because you are going to be relocating your Plant outdoors that is why you used it from the start to help with the change when you do it.

Yea i used the soil from my yard so that in my mind it would already be used to the soil because of how much clay is in the soil then i added the potting soil hoping that it would kinda mix with the soil so that it wouldnt hold water as much and be so thick and maybe put some air in the soil near the roots

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I can see where you are coming from @Josh1126 for the next time if you gather up some small pebbles and mix them through to help with the drainage part off thing’s good look please let me know how things go mate :v:️.

have you checked ppm before you adjust for ph? what are you using for ph adjuster
welcome to the forum @Josh1126

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@Sasquatch Im just using some ph adjuster kit i got at walmart probably not the best i know and ill keep that in mind for my next grow @Johnzy81

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maybe I’m confused? are you getting these high ppm numbers on freshly mixed nutes or are they from run off?

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@Josh1126 so let’s get back on this PPM problem for you @Sasquatch has asked a great question mate because if you are also adding your Ph solution before you check your readings it could well be putting it off on you mate maybe do a 3 way test 1one just the water you use and another on feed mix and a 3rd with the PH solution that you are using can you post a pic of the stuff that you got.


Good point on the TDS rising with PH up or down. It does in fact change it but the reality is you need to take into account ALL sources of solids in your solution including the hardness of the base water. That’s often why a lot of growers use R/O water because they can tailor their overall TDS using gucci nutes instead of whatever is floating in the muni water supply. I just watered/fed using FF and my TDS went up 500 ppm after ph’ing it.

I would also suggest @Josh1126 uses a good natural outdoor potting mix without any added fertilizer or “moisture control” additives and avoid using any more yard soil if possible. Once they’re out they should do well.