General Hydroponics WaterFarm


General Hydroponics WaterFarm

Great system! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about buying this setup, and buying all the components to make my own bubbler bucket. I’d like to compare a pre made setup to a home made one. I’ve only heard great things about the WaterFarm setups!


I spent a bunch of money building bubblers and aero units way back when; And, all I had to do was buy 4-5 of these and never worry about it.

The fact that you get the hydroton and a starter nutrient kit is great.


Yea the hydro ton and nutrients is a huge selling point for me. But my question is this; if I already have the Fox Farm trio nutrients, could I use these for a DWC bubbler bucket? I assume yes, but I don’t want to be wrong and have to buy more nutes later.


Of course you can. Foxfarm is a very popular nutrient system.