General Hydroponics for flowering

When you were using the General Hydroponics for flowering do you use it do you use it 2 flower of the whole cycle I have the dwc 5 gallon bucket and I’ve been using something else but it’s old I was wondering it’s not like he can be a little bit of information please I appreciate it this is the zoo man

I love GH products very simple to use and their three part has always done me justice during bloom I reduce grow over first three weeks from 10ml a gal to 7 then 5 then none at same time I increase bloom from 5ml to 10 then 15 by this point micro remains constant 10ml and by week 4 I go to just micro and bloom mostly this depends on how high your grow formula dose has been to your start of flower


Thanks Donald I’m using that too and your schedule looks pretty good I’m going to give it a try

Thanks Donald but I wish you could break it down more like from 10:07 to 5 how many teaspoons is what and how

teaspoons are 5ml each so that being the conversion 10ml 2 teaspoons etc.
as for breaking it down I did week 1 2 3 by week 4 you are using week 3 plus any additives or extras if you have made it this far in hydro my brief recipe should make some degree of sense.
week 1 being start of 12/12 I use flora series Grow Micro Bloom if you are talking General organics line I haven’t tried it yet. I also add extra’s like Terpinator Bud Blood but they aren’t needed