General hydroponics brought by miracle gro

Has anybody read the article on the bigbuds magazine website about general hydroponics being brought by miracle gro and how they don’t support cannabis growers do we still continue to buy there products or not ???

Yes I seen a video where guys from a hydro store was throwing all general hydroponic nutrients line in a dumpster because of not supporting medical canabis .

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Do you think anything will happen to the quality of there products

Well as of now I’m not sure , I would hate to make premature opinion on something I have little information on , besides I’ve never grown with they line of nutrients yet . Have you used the products by general hydroponic ? I’ve used The Recipe of Success to help stress plants , but I’ve never grown a complete grow it the recipe either . I used Roberts , Fox Farm trio and getting ready to try advance ph perfect in hydro .

Just there ph up/down and florakleen been taking advice from you and Will only thing I’ve done full grow with is recipe for success decided next brand would be advanced nutrients…hopefully this is just another big company buying small company trying to cash in knowing that most of there business comes from marijuana growers maybe they know the government is about to give in

Right , but none the less they have many other options and competitors now , when once general hydroponic was thee go to nutrient line . If you go with advance you will get hooked on not having to ph as much for as other brands , but I must admit Roberts nutrients is also awesome , first time using it I had one plant manifold mainline that gave 4.5 ounces dry weight . This time I’m expecting at least 10-12 , no less than 9 easy , but you learn how to grow without stressing the plants , than you tweet you growing techniques and you definitely can yield double the next run . With advance B-52 and over -drive additives will help swell your colas for sure , and Roberts THC mass nutrients as well .

I have never used MG on any pot plants. The biggest problem I see with MG is the fact that their nutes are long range, which as we know, sometimes leads to not getting to change to flowering as fast as we would like or being able to flush out good enough. I prefer to stay with the Advanced or Humboldt for MMJ. Easier to flush out in case of a problem.

Have never used General Hydro and most likely never will.


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I here humbolt is good to ?

It has been good to me. My problem in my first grow is I was giving too much and locked out my AK-47 and WW. Now with my new ppm and pH meters, I am going to use up my current nutes and maybe switch to something else. Not having to mess with the pH seems interesting to me. I have a lot off money invested in nutes now and am going to use them first. I know they work well and I have the bud hardener and all the additives I need hopefully.
Actually, Humboldt states that the pH should not be a problems using only their nutes. I abused my first grow and now am going to take it easier. Hoping for a good harvest!
Ya’ll take care and stay safe.