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We have a dwc system, no reservoir, using gh flora series. Dont understand how to use on our girls…starting 5th week of flower. Been using the chart on the back of the this right for weed??

maybe I can help out…this is my feeding chart using GH products mixed in 4 gallon increments…

nutrient schedule

yes it is for weed but sometimes it can be too strong

It just seems like an awful lot of nitrogen…this is our first hydro grow…never finish our outside with that much nitrogen. Just wanting to learn what is right

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I think you will be safe and happy with what I gave you … it is a good middle of the road recipe

What are all the other nutes? We are only using the 3, flora grow, flora micro, flora bloom. Will this chart work with only using the three?

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they are more of the GH product line…there are even more but I have not found them to add anything to the end product,yes you will be just fine without the ones I have chosen because you have the basic 3…think of my recipe as advanced you are still giving them the basic amounts and they will flourish for you

but hydroguard is a must and it is not GH brand…you need a good root inoculant to stop root rot

So on your chart is it tsp per gallon or 4 gallon, and what should that translate into ppm?..thanks. for all the info

yes this is mixed in 4 gallon distilled water…starts around 200 ppm and maxes out around 800ppm

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Ok next question. We are in week 5 . We are coming off a 2 day flush. Can we go from the chart on the bottle to your mix without hurting the girls? Sorry for all the questions. But we are having a hard time figuring out the language…we are loving what we are doing but are struggling with all the different info…we really appreciate all your help…thank you

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no problem I will work with you…

yes you can …my mix is less than the one on the bottle so your plants will be ok…

They are really frosty now…will the lower nutes hurt that…we have no koolbloom or any bud hardner. Will the buds continue to grow for the next few weeks in hydro? Not sure what to expect this first time .

I do not believe what I gave you will hurt your current buds or trichome development…you still have another week or so of stretch left and then she will stop growing taller and just concentrate on the bud sites.

Thank you! You have been alot of help

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One more question. Can we use your feeding chart for soil plants? We have a couple of plants in another tent that are soil…just wondering. Thanks

Just wanted to let you know that the girls are doing great with the new feeding. Thank you again

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nice grow my friend…

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I started out with this chart, really helpful