General Hydroponic vs Advance Nutrients

So here’s the deal, I’ve been growing successfully for the past 2 years now and I always strive for more and more yield. Last grow in March yielded 364 grams from one plant which is quite good in my opinion (love to hear feedback about this). However as per title, I really want to see your opinions, which nutrients are the best or you prefer and why? What I have been using from day one are General Hydroponics Flora series (micro, grow, bloom) and in conjunction I use Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice, Calmag, Big Bud and Bud Candy. Do they work fine together? How much do you yield from one plant normally?

Looking forward for your replies. Below are some photos from last grow


Similar yields but obviously a lot is strain dependent and genetics.

I don’t use as much as you use but similar supply

Flora trio (bloom, gro, micro)
Hydro guard
Bud candy
Diamond nectar

Beastie bloom 0-50-30 ( rocket fuel for 4-8 flower) sometimes sooner

Flush with flora kleen

Ok that statement I don’t use as much was wrong so …ooops


Hahaha, ever tried Voodoo juice? It does miracles hence why I am intrigued in going all on AN, curious if anyone uses them


Check out the beastie bloom product! It also works wonders for flowering


I looked up the beastie bloomz and their feeding chart only shows week 7 in hydro. Have any insight for me?

@ThatoneAKguy by doing it as early as possible this product tells the plant to use all that energy at the flowers to super charge them.

Now I said that, I do thin this out a good bit during the 2nd half of flowering, always start slow and then go harder during the end. I start at week 3-4 with a 1/4 dose and then work the plant up. Having phosphorus and potassium readily available for the buds will push them as far as they can go.

Be ready to have to support the branches


I am actually going AWAY from General Hydroponics and switching to Jack’s Nutrients. For 2 reasons

#1) I’m tired of paying to have water(diluted chemicals) shipped to my door

#2) When using the GH, your at the mercy of the ratios. For instance, say you have a K deficiency, in order to fix it using these product means your gonna have to add the entire ratio or mixture just to fix it. In other words, with the GH, there is no singular form to correct something. With the Jack’s dry nutrients. I can single out each element. So if a plant is heavily eating phosphorus, I can add more without being at the mercy of a pre mixed bottle.


I quit the liquid GH awhile back. I now use the GH Maxibloom. It’s powder. I’ve been using it at 1/4 strength. Got 3lbs 10oz from last 2 plants.


I use all AN nutes… the full line (50% recommended concentration). I just finished my first grow. I grew 2 Jack Herer autos. I didn’t touch them, no topping, no pruning, no defoliation. One was a runt. Just weighed last night after curing for the past month. I got 6.5 ounces. Now, that’s not a record by any means but it’s plenty to get me and wife by until the next harvest.


That’s all that matters


Been thinking too. That’s all you use?

I’ve used it works good but expensive

I use hydrogaurd, cal-mag, diamond nectar, armorSi, liquid koolbloom, and dry koolbloom.

Damn, 1 pound 5 ounces from one plant is quite good, Which strain you grow? Most I got was 364 grams

Gold Leaf from ILGM

I do. I have used connoisseur part A and B. You have to use a lot of connoisseur to raise your PPM’s right now I am using Sensi bloom and before that I used since the ve you have to use a lot of connoisseur to raise your PPM‘s right now I am using Sensi bloom and before that I used Sensi grow. I also use big bud ,bud candy , piranha I don’t use cal/mag during bloom. I use silica and vitamins from botanicare. And terpinator but I am going to switch to the advanced nutrients version of these products. Next time I am buying Bergmans nutrients