General Hydroponic Nutrients (Gro, Bloom and Micro) and a 450w Viparspectra


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I want to grow one of the seed in DWC, I will be using a 5 liter bucket for now later on changing to a bigger one if instructed so, General Hydroponic Nutrients (Gro, Bloom and Micro) and a 450w Viparspectra. Today I checked my tap water and it shows 780ppm. So could you please give an exact amount of how much it should be in every stage growth (seedling, week 1, week2 etc.) and how I should manage the nutrients? I’ve seen a lot of post everyone stating differently, but then I saw one post which said that it depends on the seed type, so there’s no one better to ask than the people who created it. This is my first time in hydro and want to get the best out of it where ever I can. I spent a lot on a lot of items to make sure she gets the best nutrients and grow cycle.”


780 tap water seems to be a little high. If possible you may want to look at investing in a small reverse osmosis water system.


I agree with @Ray4x… That’s very high ppm…


I bought distilled water to balance the ppm, how much should It read that’s the main question


It could vary, I bought distilled water from Walmart and it came in at 6.3-6.5, if my memory serves me right…Do you have a ph meter? If not you need to pick one up @Laqwanies… Some distilled water comes in right at 7…


Mine came in 6.76ph, I have every meter pH, TDS and EC


So, depending on your medium, you can adjust from there… Now your ppm’s are 0 with the distilled water @Laqwanies… Good luck to you