General Feeding Question, Recirculating Hydro using Flora Series

Going on week 4 and PPM sitting at 1030 EC 1.6. If following the Flora Series Recirculating feed chart. It seems my PPM will double or is this chart based on flushing with fresh RO. PPM listed 1000-1200 on each week. It does recommend flushing 7-10days.

If PPM continue to sit at 1030 is it safe to assume you are suppling enough nutrients for the following week.

New to this feeding thing. Thanks


Im also new just following along

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First let’s clarify: 1.6 EC would be around 800 ppm on the NACL (500) scale. I would verify your ppm as reading ‘500’ and not ‘700’ to avoid confusion. Or just use EC.

800 ppm isn’t bad with GH but could bring it up to 900/1,000 ppm (1.8 to 1.9 EC) for the rest of veg. Do a drain and flush at transition (different schedule) and again once in flower. This is not hard and fast but your setup may allow more or less leeway. Some growers change rez once in a grow.

How about some more detail along with a picture in white light?