General Autoflower advive

I’ve been having some luck with my autoflowers but was wondering if I should give a different nute regimen than I give to my fem crop. Do they require less than usual?

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People say autos require less than photos. I usually run 1/4 recommended dose. Happy growing!

From my understanding, you begin with lesser amounts and work your way up to full strength as you “read” the needs of the plant. Of course, the medium you are growing in also has a great influence.

I am in an organic mix with no added nutrients. Therefore, I began with 1/4 strength on the first feedings.

Now at 4 weeks old, the BB gets full strength.

Using Mega Crop nutes.

Here she is yesterday:


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If you run mr fulvic with mykos you could probably run them closer to 1/2 strength and get some 2-3 ft monsters